What's a beer festival without something to line your stomach? We've got a brilliant line-up of food vendors for Springfest, we'll be announcing one a day from Monday 13th February until Saturday 18th February; watch this page as it updates and follow us on social media to get the latest!

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We're sure everyone will be as excited as we are to welcome Over Langshaw Ice Cream to Springfest!

Over Langshaw make delicious, organic ice cream on their family-owned dairy farm, using sustainable ingredients and bucket loads of creativity. If you've ever wanted to have a beer sorbet, or have always dreamed of flavours like maple & bacon, then these are the people to talk to. A total hit at Oktoberfest, they were dishing out not just scoops of amazing ice cream, but also beer floats! We can't wait to see what they bring this time.

In the meantime, you can visit them at their police box in the Grassmarket, and also on their website, plus you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what they'll be bringing!






Ever had pizza out of a van? If it sounds a bit odd, then you're about to be wowed by The Big Blu!

Chef Chris cooked up the idea for Big Blu while travelling the world, tasting and being inspired by street food from around the globe. He wanted to bring that back to Scotland, and his way of doing it? Buying an old Citroen van, doing it up, and building a wood-fired oven inside! What that means is he can take his authentic, wood-fired pizzas on the road and park up ready to deliver fresh, hot pizzas to the masses. The pizzas are often classics with a gourmet or world cuisine inspired twist, so we can't wait to see what he cooks up!

You can check out The Big Blu's website here.



 Believe us when we say you've never had a burger as good as what The Grind Newcastle can make!

We were fortunate enough to have the masters of all things beef up at the brewery for Oktoberfest for a one-day-only appearance, and guess what...they're coming back! The Grind are all about perfecting the art of making the ultimate American style cheeseburger. Using fresh ground, British beef, they have refined their patty smashing and cooking techniques, and combine that with their perfect picks for gooey cheeses and homemade relishes, their burgers can only be described as meaty cheesey works of art. From what we've heard too, they're bringing a special that's to die for involving beer braised onions...

You can currently catch them at their pop-up at No.28 in Newcastle, and can keep up with their burger porn on Twitter!






A brand new vendor for this festival is coffee experts Brew Lab Coffee!

If you love a good hit of caffeine, then these are the guys to make a bee line for in April. Tom and Dave opened up shop in Edinburgh in 2012, bringing the art of fresh, meticulously brewed coffee and hot espresso based drinks to the heart of the nation's capital. Since then, they've started their online shop, started doing barista training, educating people about the world of coffee, and travelled to all different events to provide attendees with fresh, delicious coffee. Not only that, they love to experiment, putting their famous cold brew coffee on nitro, and trying to mix the worlds of alcohol and coffee to create stunning cocktails with wonderful depth of flavour.

We can't wait to see what they bring with their espresso bar! You can visit their shop on South College Street, Edinburgh, or visit their online shop here.






What's a party without cake? We've got the delightful Tasty Buns Bakery to sort that out!

Louise is the baking wiz behind Tasty Buns, having discovered a passion for making fun, over-the-top cakes and for injecting a bit of booze into her baking. She's all about creativity and decadence; from Tunnocks wafers baked into brownies, to a big Framboise layer cake, to her legendary Bourbon and Bacon Millionaires Shortbread! Tasty Buns were a total smash at Oktoberfest, having sold out with 4 hours still to go before the end...so even though they'll be bringing a whole lot more this time, we advise you get in there early so you don't miss out!

You can catch a taste before the fest at their shop on Bread Street, Edinburgh. 





 Ready for some of the best street food in Scotland? Meet our pals, Fresh Revolution!

American Emily and Irishman Ronan met out on a farm learning about everything that goes into the ingredients that make up the world's best dishes. They came all the way over to Scotland and after working in some of the best kitchens, they decided to set up their own food truck to show the world what they were made of. The concept is simple: delicious, globally inspired street food that champions local producers, and shows people that food can be fast, fairly priced, tasty, and health-minded all at once. They're all about seasonal, local ingredients, and create new menus for the events they attend. For Oktoberfest they created an amazing German inspired menu, and we hear they're going to showcase the best of Springtime for Springfest!

You can follow Emily and Ronan on Twitter and Facebook to find out where they'll be next to try their amazing grub.