Dios Mio & Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake

It’s time to welcome back Dios Mio IPA and Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake!

Dios Mio: 

Marking the 4th year of its release is one of Team Tempests’ absolute favourite brews. Dios Mio, our delicious, juicy IPA is infused with oven roasted fresh jalapeño chillies and lime zest. Our aim was to create something really unique: cold and  refreshing, yet hot and spicy all at once.

Last year’s Dios Mio was a great beer – full of lime zest and dry hop character. This year, we really wanted to enhance the jalapeño aspect to make this a pale ale that stands alone from a world of hoppy pale ales.Dios Mio bottle mock up coloured background

We started off with a big whirlpool hop addition, using the big hitter Citra combined with the lime zest to create a super fruity base beer. Using a fruit forward east coast yeast strain allowed for big extra juicy body, complimenting the lime zest and hop character.

We then dry hopped with a massive amount of fresh oven roasted jalapeños to add great jalepeño flavour and a spicy kick. 

The result is a beer with loads of jalapeño flavour, providing a nice warming heat to balance the refreshing citrus and a soft, juicy mouthfeel. 

Dios Mio was previously part of our three chilli-spiced beer collection, historically referred to as the ‘Holy Trinity.’ This trio is comprised of Mexicake, Dios Mio and Ancho Dark Lager; all completely different styles but tied together through a primary ingredient. This has allowed us to showcase versatility in both our production, but also in chilli as a brewing ingredient.

Dios Mio is available to buy here!

Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake:

The 5th of our Barrel aged Mexicake variations comes in the form of Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake; our incredible spiced Mexican imperial stout Mexicake, aged for 12 months in American Virgin Oak barrels.

Using our Mexicake as a base, there are already rich flavours of vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon andTempest_Virgin Oak-Mexicake_mock-up_backg ART_Square chilli. Ageing the beer for 12 months adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to the flavour profile.

The intense smoky char from the barrel is balanced with sweet chocolate and cinnamon, with a hint of spice for a rich, flavourful kick.

Our head brewer, Doug, has provided some insight into our barrel-ageing process:

“You get a maturation of the beer, and you get a mellowing of it too; barrel ageing mellows the dark, roasted malts so it adds a lot to the overall smoothness. And obviously with the wood, it’s picking up the character from the oak. We inspect the empty barrels when they arrive to make sure they’re of a high quality for our beer” 

Furthermore, extra spice and vanilla was added at the bottling stage to rejuvenate any flavour lost during the barrel ageing process.


We’ve also bottle conditioned it, as we do all our barrel aged beers, to give it a much longer shelf life – we’ve given Barrel Aged Virgin Oak Mexicake 5 years. The bottle conditioning should also provide a nice smooth carbonation, contributing to the overall body and mouthfeel of the beer.

This batch is extremely limited edition, and is capped at 4 bottles per person in store and online. 

Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake is available to buy here!


Tempest_Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake_Bottle Label_177x87mm_proof 1 (dragged)

Artwork for both beers was created by Zuzana Gibb, cofounder of design studio Orwell and Goode. Zuzana who is also behind the artwork for the original Mexicake and Ancho Dark Lager, taking inspiration from Mexican folk art. 

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Team Tempest  

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