Guest Blog: Emily from Fresh Revolution!

After years in hospitality, my husband and I were frustrated by the lack of affordable, locally sourced food made conveniently available to the public. Tired of working for others and having our creative ideas pushed to the side, we were inspired to start the Fresh Revolution food truck. Our ethos is to reconnect people to the origins of what they eat by providing delicious and innovative dishes using sustainable, locally grown foodstuffs. We visit farms around Edinburgh to gain input and inspiration straight from the producers- those who know food best.

us at balgove

We seek to provide street food convenience, while encouraging thoughtful consumption; offering the kind of food that people slow down and eat on a picnic table in the sunshine (on the rare occasion this happens in Scotland) with a tasty cold beer.

Traditionally most people think of wine as the best pairing for food due to its tradition of quality and complexity. However, as the demand for craft beer increases, brewers are able to be more imaginative and zealous in their creations. Tempest Brewing Co. exemplifies this passion, as can be seen by their recent award as Brewery of the Year by BII Scotland. We love collaborating with Tempest because of the depth of flavor in their beers and their commitment to putting out the best quality product possible.

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We’ve put together a list of our favourite Tempest beers and recommended food pairings. You can try some of these for yourself at North Hop Glasgow in June when we’ll actually be infusing our food with their beers. For now, tease your taste buds with these scrumptious combinations.

Long White Cloud + Seafood Curry

Long White Cloud is a great accompaniment for most seafood as the light and refreshing palate won’t overpower the fish. The fresh finish helps lift any residual fish oils and the subtle spice from the NZ Motueka hop, like the spice of the dish, is balanced out by the creamy coconut milk. Plus, the tropical fruit notes in LWC conjure up feelings of being on a beach, or at least in a warmer climate where curry was created.

In the Dark We Live + Pulled Buffalo Meat Roll

Use this ITD

We use buffalo meat (from the Buffalo Farm in Fife) instead of beef; since it isn’t mass farmed, it’s more sustainable and it has more flavour without being too gamey. It’s key to pair this meat with a beer that enhances and elevates the richness and fat – which the Dark does with its duel personality. The maltiness derived from the toasted malts has a certain umami element to it that pairs well with buffalo and IPAs love red meat.

Brave New World + Frittata w/ Seasonal Veg and Barwhey Smoked Cheddar

The unique combination of zesty citrus and resinous pine in Brave New World allows it to shine through the density of a frittata without killing the flavours of the individual ingredients. Also, the carbonation in beer creates an aeration that helps lifts the fats in the cheese off the palate. Speaking of cheese, Barwhey is our favourite; it is made from unpasteurised milk of Ayrshire cattle that graze on the green pastures surrounding the dairy.

Unforgiven Red Rye + Our Irish Pakora (or Colcannon with bacon for those at home)

irishpak hidden door

It would be too easy to pair this beer with something hot off the grill or out of the smoker, but when we incorporate smoked bacon into the dish, the flavours accentuate each other, adding depth and complexity. If that’s still not smoldering enough, go ahead and add some paprika for yet another savoury layer.

Easy Livin Pils + Roasted Pork Belly

Noble Czech hops add a hint of spice and, complimenting the rustic nature of pork, while the honey and spice reduce excessive saltiness. The crisp flavours work together almost like an apple sauce.

Elemental Dark Ale + Chocolate and Beetroot Brownie

Elemental - Flat

The robust roasted malt character of the ale combines with the chocolate in the brownie to create a rich mouth sensation. Meanwhile, beetroot might seem like an odd choice, but its earthiness is calmed by the creamy, smooth texture. Craigie’s Farm, just west of Edinburgh, grows beetroot and loads of other veg year-round, plus they have a shop and area to interact with animals.

Massive thanks to Emily and Ronan for taking the time to do this! You can catch up with them at The Meadows Festival in Edinburgh this weekend, and at North Hop Glasgow with us on June 18th. Find them here at their website!

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