Mandarin & Blood Orange Tart / Vic Secret IPA

There’s no rest for the wicked here at Tempest HQ, and we have two new beers to  bring you this week!

First up is the 2nd of our IPA series: Vic Secret IPA. Our new IPA series is designed to showcase some of our favourite hop varieties. We’ve spent a lot of time in the past 12 months assessing our hops, speaking to our suppliers and sourcing new hops where possible. 2019-05-16 11:16:24.743

A batch of hops can make or break an IPA like this, so it’s imperative to source the absolute best quality. If it doesn’t pass the quality check, it’s not going into the beer. Beyond that, our aim for this series is to keep the rest of the beer fairly open – changing the grist bill, water chemistry, ABV and yeast strain to try and get the most out which ever hop varieties we decide to use.


This version features one of our favourite hops: Vic Secret. For this IPA we took a fairly seasonal B03C2977-26AB-476F-AC08-4D49002305E8approach, keeping the colour to a minimum with low colour Maris Otter and brewing at 6.0% to make it more sessionable going it to the summer. For the yeast we used a blend of new England strains lending some nice esters and decent body, finishing at 1.013. The beer was originally going to be hopped with Vic Secret and a blend of some other Aussie hops for a bit of complexity, but the Vic Sec has so  much going on
we decided just to plough on with a second dry hop charge of Vic Sec. This variety gives off a really distinct and pungent
aroma – ripe pineapple, floral, some pine, and other heavy
tropical notes almost bordering on drinking Um Bungo as a kid. The beer goes down easy with a
nice silky texture from oat malt, wheat and flaked barley in the grist bill, and a pleasant hop lVic600inger to finish.

This beer and all in the series are a limited run with a view to keeping the hops as fresh as possible, so store chilled and drink





Next up, our follow-up from Berry and The Bretts and the 2nd installation of our fruit beer series comes in the form of our Mandarin and Blood Orange Tart; a beer designed to be tart, refreshing and extremely smashable. 2019-05-16 11:15:57.692

The idea originated from our yearly shipment of orange zest, that’s for the most part used in the dry hop for our old favourite DIPA: Marmalade on Rye. The zest also came with a load of juice from the blood oranges – beautiful ruby red, sweet and tart as hell. We played around with the juice, making up some trial kegs for Springfest (Blood Orange Crush) and it went down a storm, selling out in no time at all.


For this beer we decided to add some complexity by introducing mandarin alongside the blood orange. The process was all about achieving the right balance between sweetness and acidity to create a rounded and juicy character in the beer.

2019-05-16 11:10:46.778We kettle soured with a lactobacillus culture overnight to achieve a moderate but not eye-popping level of acidity. The grist was built with lots of adjunct, some lactose and a
high mash temp to achieve a high enough finishing gravity to  balance out the acidity in the finished beer – bearing in mind that the addition of blood orange and mandarin will only add to that acidity. The 130L of blood orange juice was unpasteurised so this went in during the whirlpool along with some nice IMG_2843Amarillo hops. We then added 100kg of mandarin puree after primary fermentation and finally dry hopped with some blood orange zest to tie the beer together!  

The result is tart, juicy and refreshing, an absolute must try for warmer weather! 


Both labels designed by Andrew Denholm. 

What would you like to see us brew as part of our IPA or fruit based series?

Let us know in the comments!

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