Mango Berlinner: Sunshine in a Glass!

Over the Easter weekend, as you may have noticed, we lost an hour of precious sleep to signal the start of British Summertime. Yes, believe it or not, it’s officially Summer.

And while we’re all still wrapped up in boots and scarves for the most part, we tend towards being optimists here at Tempest and decided to make ourselves a Summer beer. It’s also our first brand new beer of 2016 so we wanted to stray away from the norm and make whatever beer we really felt like drinking at that exact moment.

The result: Mango Berlinner.

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As happens often, this beer started as a different idea; just a straight up light, sour style beer. But Gavin, Doug, and James aren’t ones to do anything straight up, so they decided to add as much fresh mango as they could possibly fit, along with dry hopping with Citra. The resulting beer is what we would call our perfect summer brew. The best words to sum it up would be fresh, tart, zingy, and light.

On the nose, you’re going to get a mix of ripe mango and tropical fruit; a really nice, fruity hit before you even take a sip. The initial flavour on the palate has a lot of upfront mango with a really light mouthfeel and slight sweetness, before this fresh, clean, zesty mouthfeel comes along with a gentle acidity in the finish. It’s such a deliciously light and refreshing beer, and that palate cleansing acidity balances really well with the sweet fruit and tartness of the beer.

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We can just picture sitting out in the sun, nice and warm, chilling out with a few of these in a cooler ready to go. It’s going to pair really nicely with a lot of the food you’d associate with summer time like big meaty outdoor BBQs as a really fresh, zingy contrast to the charcoal and fattiness of the meat.
Everyone is really pleased with how it’s turned out, and we can’t stop drinking it already even though we’re far from that idealistic scenario we just mentioned.

Another interesting tidbit is about the label art. It was designed by Dannielle McFarlane, an art student from Glasgow Clyde College whose contrasting, abstract style really suited the vibe of the beer. The dark background and animal skulls contrast with the bright, lively flowers in the foreground, which gave us this Winter going into Summer feel that fit perfectly with the timing of the release of the beer. Plus, the font used is actually the font we used to use on our old bottles!
This is only a snapshot too, and we invited Dannielle down to the brewery to show off the full piece:

Dannielle with Artwork - smaller

You’ll be pleased to hear that Mango Berlinner is officially available online on the store here, and will be popping up in bottle shops and bars around the UK over the coming weeks. It’ll be making its debut at bars and bottle shops across the UK, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Big thanks to Dannielle for the artwork and coming to visit, you can view more of her work on her portfolio site.

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