Mexicake: A Stout for Summer

Normally when people think of Summer beers, they think of a light beer you can sit out in the sun and throw back without a care in the world. So what did we release for heading into May? Obviously an imperial stout.

Recently when coming up with our new releases for 2016, Gavin and the guys started thinking more conceptually about what they were going to make. Instead of focusing on making a particular style, or a specific ingredient, they came up with beers that were based on ideas like “the perfect Summer beer” when they made Mango Berlinner. Then this concept of a “Mexican Cake” beer started being thrown about and how fantastic the complex spice flavours involved would taste in a darker style. Spicy cinnamon sticks, sweet vanilla beans, rich cocoa, and of course smoky Chipotle and fruity Mulato chillies.  The team managed to capture those flavours and perfectly balance them to create our newest beer, Mexicake.

mexicake - 3 - smaller

Not your typical Summer release, but then again the Scottish Summer is hardly typical itself. This beer is perfect for sitting out the sun, and chilling out indoors when the weather isn’t as favourable. The guys used a variety of different malt in the brew including our favourite Golden Promise combined with Chocolate, Caramel, Roasted Barley, and Munich, to create a suitably dark base to complement the spice notes with just a subtle low roast flavour but big malt sweetness. A long boil for caramelization achieved this, to balance the heat of the chillies.

The aroma prepares you for the taste, with vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate notes. One sip and you’ll get that smooth, velvety texture that perfectly complements the slight roast flavour from the malt and deep chocolate notes. Two sips, and your mouth will be enveloped in the complex spice notes from the cinnamon and chillies; we used Mulato and Chipotle chillies for a slight fruitiness and to add depth to the spice. In the finish of the first few sips, you’ll notice a very low warmth from the chillies and the last mingling hints of the cinnamon and vanilla making you want even more.

As always, we think of food pairings to with our beers, and according to Gavin “Puddings, and ice cream would work exceptionally as an ice cream float or shot mixed in with an espresso martini.”

The artwork is stunning too, having been designed by our good friend, Zuzana Gibb. Take a look at the full piece:


Zuzana Gibb was commissioned to come up a label inspired by with Mexican folk art to fit with around the concept of Mexican cake – hence her artwork features cinnamon, vanilla pods, chilies alongside the day of the dead skull art. She came up with some amazing designs but ultimately we chose the one we did as it looked best as a bottle label. Check out one of the alternatives!

Mexican-Cake 1

Mexicake is available to buy online here, so grab a bottle, kick back, and enjoy our Mexican inspired dessert in a bottle.

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