Production Update: Time to Bin Isinglass

Today we’re making it official: Tempest is binning using Isinglass finings. It’s something we’ve been keen to do for a while now, and after putting the time and money into developing our production processes, it’s now possible in a way that we’re happy with. That development has mainly centred around our new centrifuge, that allows us to clear our beers without the use of isinglass.
Something we’re really happy about with this development, is that it means our beers are now vegan friendly meaning even more people can now enjoy our beers. And it’s not just our bottles, all our beer will be including our cask range.


Big Boss man, Gavin, was also looking at it from the perspective of our customers and how to best serve them good quality, bright beer.

“Our centrifuge removes hop solids and most of the yeast from our beers, so visible haze which may or may not be present in our beers is from barley protein and/or dry hop haze. Isinglass finings do not remove these and the result – historically – can be pubs sending our beers back because they are not dropping bright when they never will drop brilliantly bright.

Leaving the beers unfined will ensure this doesn’t happen and hopefully will open up some new accounts who actively seek vegan friendly beer and casks which don’t have to be settled before dispense.

We will still be pursuing a visibly bright product in cask and we hope to continue with similar clarity in our beers, where before we were removing yeast with isinglass the centrifuge should now do its job.”

What’s important to remember though, is that it’s the exact same beer as before; nothing has changed except the way we remove the gunk. So if you know any bars that love good beer and want it vegan friendly, throw them our way!

5 thoughts on “Production Update: Time to Bin Isinglass

  1. John Burns

    Presumably the pubs like it as they’ll get more out of a barrel and don’t have to wait for settlement. Hopefully this means the end of several iffy pints just before the beer goes off too?

    1. Shannon M Post author

      In a couple months it should be every product on a shelf/bar will be Vegan Friendly. For now, the easiest way is to check the Best Before date; anything after the start of June will be suitable, or if it has a “Vegan Friendly” label on it. We’re trying to update all our labels, but it takes a while to run through them, so the BB date is a good failsafe.


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