Prospero & Sycorax

Our second collaboration beer of the year comes in the form of Prospero and Sycorax, an apricot and lychee pale ale, brewed in collaboration with Dead End Brew Machine. 

What we’ve created is a juicy lychee and apricot pale ale that has loads of fresh fruit debmxtempest1000character, balanced with fruit forward hop and yeast selections to create an all round refreshing beer for the lead up to summer!

Apricot and lychee work together nicely giving stone fruit and floral notes, providing light sweetness with a slightly tart finish. London III with its stone fruit ester profile enhances the fruit character for great balance. Azacca, El Dorado and Citra give big tropical flavour to compliment the apricot and lychee.

We think it’s the perfect quaffable beer for sunny days.

Behind The Beer:

We had a great day with Chris from Dead End Brew Machine down at the brewery, and we’re both really pleased with the finished product.  

PNG image             IMG-20190315-WA0008

In the past we’ve noticed dry hopping heavily fruited beers can end up carrying bitter hop compounds through to the final product, so we changed ur process by adding a massive amount of hops to the kettle at whirlpooling stage. This locks in the hop aromas while allowing us to get the best out of the fruit added directly to the fermenter. Overall, we’ve resulted in a great harmony of fruit character in the beer using these ingredients and this process.

Behind The Name:

“In The Tempest, Shakespeare presents two powerful sorcerers, Prospero and Sycorax, who 57195249_310600206290798_4306426766961934336_nhave both controlled the island. Initially it appears that the two characters are a contrasting pair: the benevolent Prospero and the rapacious Sycorax. However, upon closer analysis, the differences between the two characters disappear and the similarities grow.

In reference to the play, we have reimagined the two opposing sorcerers with intrinsic similarities in two different ways: in the two brewers in this collaboration with differing brewing processes, and in the lychee and apricot: two totally different fruits that work together when blended.

Us, intellectuals.

Behind The Label:

We wanted our label to tie in with our dark and mysterious sorcery theme, but with pops of bright colour to emphasise the contrast as aforementioned. Our finished result is a dark and moody design, almost at odds with the fruity, fresh beer contained. 

Prospero_&_Sycorax_330ml Bottle Label_177x87mm_Artwork_01-04-19 (1)

Created by Neil McDonald at Creative Works Studio.

Prospero and Sycorax is now available to purchase: Click To Buy Here!

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