Seasons: A Scottish Collaboration Project

A very exciting announcement for everyone who loves Scottish beer.

We’re going to be teaming up with three other great breweries to brew a beer together at each other’s breweries to create 4 unique, exciting beers that are a true collaboration, and an accurate depiction of modern day Scottish brewing.

Those breweries are Pilot Beer, Cromarty Brewing, and Fallen Brewing. For each brew, every brewery will send someone from their team to a host brewery, and all four breweries will work together to create something that reflects some aspect of seasonality of the time of year during which they’re brewing. Each brewery takes a turn to play host, meaning we have access to different local food producers to potentially work with, access to different equipment that each brewery may not currently have, and the opportunity to learn more about our colleagues in the small world of Scottish brewing.

So why have we chosen to take on this project? Well, it’s quite simple. Scottish food and drink has seen massive growth in the last few years, and yet for some reason we’re often still relying on parochial, out-dated stereotypes to sell our produce to the world. Our aim is to demonstrate that clichéd images of bagpipes and tartan are a far cry from the vibrant, modern industry we work in – Scottish beer is becoming more about innovation, quality, and creativity.

This project is about exploring what it means to a modern Scottish brewery, by bringing together four of the best breweries our country has to offer and creating beers that reflect Scotland’s terroir, provenance, and modernity. We also want to celebrate the things we love about Scottish brewing; the tight-knit community, the comradery between breweries, and the fire and passion that every brewer has for what they do.


The other aspect to the project that we feel is incredibly important, is a call to artists across the country. We’re looking for artists who want to be part of an exciting project and help us to document, and show the world what we’re doing.

Artists & Designers
We’re specifically looking for student artists to help us create the project’s aesthetic, and to design the four labels we’ll use in collaboration with ourselves and the other breweries. At this early stage, and in the spirit of collaboration, all we ask is that you send us a sample of your portfolio to show us what you do best. From there, we’ll select our favourite, and start working on the first label.

The chosen artist will have their artwork on either cans or bottles distributed nationally, with credit on the actual can or bottle as well as recognition/promotion online. They’ll also receive a case of each beer, a t-shirt or hoodie from the host brewery, and tickets to our Oktoberfest or Springfest festival. Monetary compensation will be discussed with the chosen artist.

To register your interest, get in touch and email us with your portfolio, your details, and a little bit about you to by Sunday April 9th.

We can’t wait to see where this project takes us, and what beers come from it. We’ve already agreed on the first brew day at the end of this month, so it won’t be long before we see what it shapes up to be.

Watch out on social media to see what happens next.


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