Team Tempest Fringe Picks #2: Shannon McFarlane

Our second Fringe picks blog comes from our Brand & Marketing Manager, Shannon. Normally the go-to for Glasgow beer recommendations, she’s got a quick hit-list of where she goes when she’s through in Edinburgh…


I really, really love the Edinburgh Fringe. The atmosphere, the people, the shows, the events, just everything about it is so exciting and the air is electrified at all times. There’s really nothing like it; catching a few shows, running around the city, watching the fireworks at the end of the night, it’s like stepping into another world.
I don’t live in Edinburgh, so I commute through from Glasgow when my friends and I visit the festival. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know where the good beer is! I’ve previously worked at The Hanging Bat way before I worked for Tempest, and I still spend a lot of time doing “market research” between trains…so I’ve got a few recommendations for where I go when I’m visiting the city.

Lucky Liquor Co


Lucky Liquor is always one of my go-to places no matter the time of year really. They have some really knowledgeable, talented staff, and it’s a nice, intimate space to catch up with a couple friends between shows. Obviously, they’re known for their amazing cocktails – which you should absolutely try – but the main reason I love going is for their boilermakers. A shot of bourbon, and a schooner of beer for a fiver, you can’t beat it. Beyond that, they have a small but good bottled beer list, and rotating guest draft beer.

Cornelius Beer & Wine


No list of my top picks would be complete without one of the best places to grab a beer to take out. In Glasgow, we’re not allowed to drink in the streets, so it’s even more special getting to come to Edinburgh, visit Cornelius, and crack one open on our journey to the next show.
The team at Cornelius are legendary for how encyclopaedic they are for beers, ciders, and wine. You could go in and be totally clueless about what you want, and they’ll find you your perfect beer. The selection is incredible, whether you want something straightforward in a big tall boy can, or you want something niche that you didn’t even know had made it to the UK, you’ll leave with a beer in hand and a greater education in all things brewed.



I’m really not going to pretend like I don’t love OX for their Tempest selection, because I absolutely do. Before I worked for Tempest, I was so excited to hear they were going to have so much Tempest beer on draft and I was thinking “That is going to be my Fringe headquarters”. There’s always a really good party atmosphere in OX184 during the Fringe, and with such a big, open space, and plenty of beer to choose from, it’s easy to see why it’s the go-to spot for many a reveller. They always have a good selection of beers, not just ours! From Pilot to Fallen from home, to Duchesse du Bourgogne to Magic Rock and beyond.

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