The Step Back, Uber drinkable IPA

It’s February, so welcome to the first of our new beers for 2013. We believe in drinkability so for that reason we decided to brew an uber drinkable IPA that works great in cask. To complement the base malts in our take on an IPA we have used some Belgian malt and focused on showcasing the US Centennial hop variety.

We named this beer ‘The Step Back’ because it is dangerously drinkable and as big fans of Soma anthology which we were listening to while we were brewing it, the name stuck!

The Step Back has been released initially in cask to selected outlets this week with a small number of kegs to follow.


Lots of people are asking which bars have some, we cant guaranttee they will have it on there and then, so give them a call to check, see list below;


  • Blackfriars – Glasgow
  • Bon Accord – Glasgow
  • Cloisters – Edinburgh
  • Blue Blazer – Edinburgh
  • Cask & Barrel (southside) – Edinburgh
  • Caledonian Sample Room – Edinburgh
  • Red Squirrel – Edinburgh
  • Jolly Judge – Edinburgh
  • Staggs – Edinburgh
  • Tanners Arms – Alnwick


  • Hanging Bat – Edinburgh
  • Southern Bar – Edinburgh
  • Bow Bar – Edinburgh
  • Mums great food – Edinburgh
  • Bacchus – Newcastle
  • Cumberland – Newcastle
  • Town Wall – Newcastle

Let us know what you think and if we should brew it again…

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