Time For A Change: Tempest Brewing Co Brand Update

For the last few months, we’ve been working on something we find really exciting. We’re now in our third year in our Tweedbank brewhouse, and we felt like now was as good a time as any to refresh and update our core branding. This news is coming ahead of our look-back blog, as when we were writing about our plans for 2018 and what we were looking forward, releasing this new look branding was something we kept wanting to talk about.

We’ve been working with a good friend of ours, Paul McLean Graphic Design, to update our core range branding and re-think what we want to do with our labels moving forward. We wanted to work with Paul not just because he’s a friend of the brewery, but because we wanted to support a small and growing local business here in the Borders that knows us and appreciates our locality and how important that is to us. Plus, having him so nearby and being a small business, we were able to be incredibly hands-on in the development of the labels, and nearly every member of the team had a say in what happened with the new branding. If you know us then you know being involved intimately with every aspect of Tempest is important to everyone who works here.

There is a bit of shifting and shunting of beers in the range, so we’re going to go through each category of beer and what changes we’ve made to the branding.

Core Range

We’re not alone in loving a lot of aspects of the update we made to our branding in 2015; the pop of colour, the textured material, the letterpress style fonts. We wanted to keep all those aspects, but we felt that we could use more colour, and give each beer its own sort of personality and uniqueness by changing up the placement and style of the fonts used.

Let’s look at what they look like all lined up together…


First let’s talk about the design itself. What we feel is that we’ve taken the old labels and simply taken it up a notch; the colours stand out more, our red roundel logo takes pride of place on the front, and each beer has its own unique placement and styling with its name. We’ve used a high-build screen on the lettering which means it has a sort of textured feel and high gloss effect.

And you may have noticed some changes to the overall line up of our core range. Easy Livin Pils is officially being retired, and Unforgiven will become a seasonal beer brewed occasionally when the time of year is right for it. But, the fantastic news is that Soma IPA and Modern Helles will be joining the core range! After winning Best IPA and Best Lager respectively at the Scottish Beer Awards last year we’d have been mad not to include them.

Core Range – Amplified

You may have looked at that line up and panicked about the lack of Red Eye Flight, but fear not, we’ve actually created a sort of sub-category to our core range where it’ll be right at home.
When we were thinking about our core range, what we wanted it do, and who we wanted it to appeal to, we realised that alongside pale ales and IPAs, Red Eye Flight stuck out like a sore thumb as a 7.4% Mocha Porter. We also looked at some of our “Seasonal” beers like Marmalade on Rye, and “Limited” Edition beers like Mexicake that are in demand and stock too often to be considered Seasonal or Limited. And so, the Amplified Core Range was created; beers that might be bigger and more intense in either flavour or style compared to the regular core range, but that are available at the brewery more often than not.

This aligned perfectly with another issue we wanted to resolve, and that’s our belief that Red Eye Flight and Marmalade on Rye’s old labels just didn’t suit them or say anything about them. So we worked with our friend, regular collaborator, and illustrator for Mexicake’s label, Zuzana Gibb, to create two fully illustrated labels for those beers. This was of course in collaboration with Paul who again did a huge amount of work for us in developing existing and new artwork to fit in with our new template for beers outwith the standard core range.


Red Eye Flight’s label takes inspiration straight from its name, depicting an all too familiar situation for us here at the brewery of many hours spent on long-haul flights and waiting in airport lobbies, tired and bored and needing a pick-me-up. Marmalade on Rye on the other hand takes its inspiration from its ingredients, showing you everything on the label that went into the bottle.

And excellent news for lovers of Mexicake, because this means it’s officially a core range beer!

Seasonal, Small Batch, and Limited Edition.

We’ve been experimenting a lot with new styles and ingredients in our beers the last couple of years, and we’re now at a point where we want to shake up what our Seasonal Range of beers consists of. These beers will be brewed once, maybe twice throughout the year; they’ll all keep their lovely artwork but we’ve got a slightly different template for them to stick to.

We’ve not got all their final artwork just yet, as we’ll do it when required, but here are the beers that’ll be released seasonally:

Mango Berlinner, Dios Mio, Drop Kick Me Jesus, Unforgiven, Ancho Dark Lager.

We’re also working with the designer from the Seasons Project, Catriona Logan, to create a new style of label for small-batch, one-off beers that don’t quite fit with what we plan to do with our Limited Edition beers. These will remain just that; beers that are a bit more special and really are limited edition like our barrel aged beers, All The Leaves Are Brown, and our Double IPAs.

We hope that everyone loves our new labels just as much as we do. We’re all very excited about what the rest of the year holds for our brewery, and we feel already with these new labels we’re off to a flying start!

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