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Christmas is Cancelled - Sorry Folks!

Christmas is Cancelled - Sorry Folks!

11 Dec 2015

Christmas is Cancelled - Sorry Folks!

Did you know that for around 400 years, Christmas was effectively cancelled in Scotland? Yup. No figgy pud. No drunk Grandma and no presents. Zip. Nada. Ziltch. Scotland endured 400 years of Christmas wilderness whilst Englandshire celebrated with hog roasts and Yuletide Hilarity. So for your Friday Factoid - In 1640, an Act of Parliament in Scotland banned Christmas . Those damn dirty leaders of the Kirk frowned upon the celebration of “Yule” due to some traditions for Celts and Scots having Pagan roots. Kissing under mistletoe, burning a yule log in the fire, and decorating with holly and evergreen all find their beginnings as Pagan traditions…who’d have thought it? And so, instead of banning certain traditions, they decided that any celebration of Yule, Christ’s Mass, and Christmas, were just flat out banned across the country. Christmas Day and Boxing Day suddenly became ordinary working days with no holidays given, and there are even records of people being arrested for “keeping Yule” in Scotland! What a dour, miserable lot those church reformers were. Even as time went on, the church’s influence in Scotland meant that the actual celebration of Christmas was quiet and reserved. This meant that people really were laldi when it got to Hogmanay, and this is why it’s such a big deal here in Scotland even today! (First footing Anyone?) Finally, in 1958, Christmas was officially a public holiday again. People all across Scotland could rest at home, and enjoy the day with their loved ones without fear of the Kirk nicking their figgy pudding and Christmas tree. (We only got Boxing day back in 1974!) When the brewers asked what we should name our Christmas cask release, we scoured the internet for a good one. Hoppy Christmas, the obvious choice, was already taken so we had to be a bit more creative. And it led us to discovering the history of Christmas in Scotland. We were all so thoroughly fascinated and surprised by the story, that we decided to name it in honour of the Scots who never got to celebrate down the pub with a good glass of beer from a cask. And so we have, Christmas is Cancelled.  A light blonde ale packed with our favourite North American hops, the star of the show here is the Simcoe hops that add a distinctive earthy, pine note to the refreshing light malt character. A cask only beer, you’ll be able to find it in bars and pubs around the country, and it’ll be available in mini kegs on our online store and at our usual farmers market stalls. Please do grab a glass or a mini keg, and celebrate doubly hard to make up for all the poor Scots who didn’t get to celebrate themselves. (Plus a mini keg sitting on the dinner table for constant refills sounds like our kind of Christmas!)


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