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North Hop Edinburgh: Beer and Beer Infused Street Food!

North Hop Edinburgh: Beer and Beer Infused Street Food!

10 Mar 2016

North Hop Edinburgh: Beer and Beer Infused Street Food!

We’ve been pretty busy the last couple weeks. Between winning awards in Barcelona, and travelling to London, we were in need of a good beer, some hot food, and a nap. Well, we didn’t get the nap, but we did get awesome beer and food when the team attended North Hop Edinburgh over the weekend.  The first stop in the North Hop tour travelling to Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and a yet undisclosed highlands location, we took the pallet bar to the Assembly Rooms on George Street. One thing we were excited about going into the event, was the fact that we’d been working with the team at Fresh Revolution based in Edinburgh on a fantastic beer infused street food menu especially for the festival.  Meet Emily and Ronan, the happily married founders and owners of the street food company who share our values of keeping things fresh, local, and creative. Born in Ireland, Ronan started his career working in Michelin star restaurants and alongside celebrity chefs before settling down in Edinburgh, and takes inspiration from international dishes with a Scottish twist. Emily hails from Wisconsin, USA, and has had an incredibly diverse career doing everything from working for a Congressman, to working on a farm in Arizona, to managing a favourite haunt of ours, The Stockbridge Tap. So it’s safe to say, they share a lot in common with elements of our story at Tempest; Ronan being from a chef background, being a married couple from two totally different parts of the world, and taking inspiration from all around the world but using local ingredients.  After a pre-North Hop brewery tour, they took away some beers to sample and we worked together on flavour combinations and eventually, they sent us over a dazzling menu…have a read for yourself:  And how did it go down on the day? Incredibly well, we all of course got to sample the amazing food and it was spot on; Graeme and Annika gave high praise to the Arancini, and Shannon wouldn’t stop blabbing about the Philly Cheese Steaks. As for the rest of the event, we were queued up for most of the sessions with thirsty beer drinkers wanting to sample all of our 7 tap offering. We even had the final keg of 2015’s batch of Longer White Cloud on tap which a lot of really lucky festival-goers were keen to get a glass of. Our team on duty for the day was Graeme, Shannon, and David, and we were joined for the first session by our other lovely ladies, Annika and Kate! It was a rare treat for fans of the brewery meeting and talking to Annika, as it’s normally Gavin that heads along but with him in Barcelona she decided to get in on the North Hop action.  To round this all off, we asked Ronan to give us his recommended beer and food pairings so you can recreate a little Tempest/Fresh Revolution deliciousness at home! Long White Cloud with Roast Pork Fillet“New Zealand hops lift the taste of pork in a way that enhances its moreish flavour without weighing it down. Almost like an apple sauce, the slight acidity helps aid in digestion.”   Unforgiven Red Rye with Smoked Ham Hough“The intense spice and smokiness of Unforgiven enhances the rustic nature of ham hough, bringing with it bags and bags of smoke, while providing a depth of flavour by cutting through the saltiness that is associated with this meat.”Marmalade on Rye with Duck Leg“Need I say more? Duck and orange is a classic pairing, but being a marmalade, the beer has a nice a gentle caramelised flavour to it. Slowly cooked out in this and finish by roasting to enhance that caramelisation. It'll be rich and luxurious.” Please make sure to visit the Fresh Revolution website, and keep track of where they are to get your hands on their amazing grub. The next stop on the North Hop tour is in Aberdeen on April 30th and May 1st, followed by Glasgow on June 18th and 19th. Tickets and more details can be found on their website. To keep up to date with our upcoming events, check our events page!


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