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Seasons Project: Meet Catriona Logan

Seasons Project: Meet Catriona Logan

18 Apr 2017

Meet the artist chosen to help us bring our collaboration project to life; Glasgow-based Catriona Logan.

Seasons Project: Meet Catriona Logan

We’re delighted to announce that after sifting through submitted portfolios that we’ve finally chosen an artist to collaborate with us and the other breweries on artwork. All the folios submitted were brilliant, and incredibly varied, but in the end we could pick only one and we reckon we’ve got someone pretty special to help us create the “look” for the project. That artist is Catriona Logan, a graphic designer based in Glasgow. Originally from the Isle of Lewis, she’s currently in her 3rd year studying Digital Design at Glasgow Caledonian University and is now also the Resident Artist for our Scottish collaboration project. We thought it would be great to let everyone get to know Catriona, as you’ll be seeing her around a lot as this project progresses. From Lewis to Glasgow, Catriona has experienced Scotland in its extremes from Gaelic-speaking island life, to the massive metropolitan city bustle. She says it’s given her a unique perspective on Scotland and “Scottish-ness”, and it’s why she connected with the project on a level beyond just an opportunity for work. And more than that, the more she read and spoke to us about it, she’s excited to take the ideas and concept of the project and convey that in a piece of artwork. “I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the visuals and helping to promote the product and the project behind it. There's a lot of scope in this project and, again, the drive behind it is a love for making great beer so my aim is to put that across. I love the whole idea of the products reflecting the season and the story behind each unique beer. It's going to be great to reflect on the collaboration in the project, with 4 breweries coming together and I'm glad to be part of this process, too.”  And it’s not her first foray into the world of food and drink either, having worked with Baird’s Malt. “I've been working with Baird’s Malt on their 1823 Heritage Collection and other bits and bobs. Things began with a logo design and has branched out into all sorts including brochures, beer mats, t-shirts etc. The people are great there and they've been a good client to work with, all really fast paced, diverse work and it's introduced me to the drinks industry in Scotland. I'm learning more about that industry through working with Baird’s and now this project, and seeing how much of a booming industry it is! It's especially exciting in Scotland where it's grown such a community feel. I love that from brewery to brewery, no matter their size, you feel like you're dealing with real people and not a corporate body. And what I've seen so far is that everyone just loves what they do and that's why they do it and there's something lovely and relatable about that”  The appeal, for us, of working with young designers and people who are still studying is that they’re still at the point where they’re finding their aesthetic and exploring what it means to them to be an artist. But now in her 3rd year, Catriona is starting to hone in on her aesthetic. “I would say my aesthetic would depend on the work but in any work I do. Whether it's for uni or just something I do for fun, I always carefully consider how the type fits into the work as a whole and always looking back at the composition and the white space. Saying that, the style I love to work in most is illustrative and a wee bit airy. I love making something that's got a bit of atmosphere and a bit of narrative to it. There are a bunch of designers and illustrators that I'm admiring at the moment but that changes from week to week - I love people who have a strong message behind what they're doing, even if it's just making their users and viewers smile.” And now that Catriona is fully briefed and working on the collab project, we can’t wait to see what she creates to reflect the spirit behind what we’re trying to do. We’ll be documenting the progression of that just as much as we’re documenting the progression of the beers themselves as they come together. In the meantime, if you’d like to get to know Catriona better, you can visit her website at


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