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The Big Tempest Beer and Merch Update

The Big Tempest Beer and Merch Update

05 Dec 2015

Things have been absolutely, and completely mental the last couple months here at the brewery. SinceSeptember, we’ve released 7 new beers, taken on three new team members, designed and ordered a mountain of new merchandise, and got a couple of massive new tanks, all while still going about business as usual for our core...

The Big Tempest Beer and Merch Update

Things have been absolutely, and completely mental the last couple months here at the brewery. Since September, we've released 7 new beers, taken on three new team members, designed and ordered a mountain of new merchandise, and got a couple of massive new tanks, all while still going about business as usual for our core range and events...we're looking forward to a couple days rest around Christmas! With all that's been going on, we wanted to do a quick summary of everything we've now got taking up all the space in our storage. If you find something you like, you can click the names and we can box it up to be delivered to your door; who wants to go outside to get beer anyway with the recent weather... BeersDouble Shuck - 11% Imperial Oyster Stout  We released this back in September, and we still have limited stock available in the brewery. To recap, it was brewed using 200 fresh Lindisfarne oysters shucked by hand at the brewery (a few may not have made it into the brew...). The question we always get is if the beer tastes fishy; we can guarantee it doesn't! What you do taste though is a lot of complex dark malt with a distinct roasty character. It's smooth and silky in texture, and there's a hint of salt and wood in the finish. We bottle conditioned this beer, so it will age and develop a whole new depth of flavour over time. Longer White Cloud - 10.2% Imperial Pale Ale


October seen the release of our love letter to New Zealand South Island hops; an imperial version of our flagship Long White Cloud. Using Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Kohatu, and Waimea hops, it's bursting with soft fruit and honeyed melon with a white wine like vinous character. Surprisingly light bodied, it's incredibly drinkable despite its ABV, and truly showcases the hops the way Gavin wanted it to. This will be an annual release, but don't miss out on grabbing a first batch bottle as we've had some really great feedback so far! Honey Jamaican Me Ginger - 7.1% Belgian Style Wee Heavy  Belgian yeast meets Scottish style in our 2015 CollabFest beer brewed in collaboration with BrewDog Edinburgh. Brewed using a Belgian saison yeast, we blended malts like roasted barley, Vienna, and Cara Rye to create a good smooth base for this traditionally Scottish style beer with a twist. We then added a ton of candied and fresh ginger, molasses, and local Tweedside honey that when fermented out, give great smoky flavours with just a hint of ginger and honey in the aroma and finish. Saison du Pommes - 8.7% Applefied Harvest Ale  We are all about using fresh, seasonal ingredients in our beers whenever we can get our hands on them, so it made sense that as Autumn began to sweep in that we use the local harvest of Scottish apples to create our newest beer. We started the beer by fermenting fresh apple juice from Thistly Cross Cider with champagne yeast, and separately brewing a beer using saison yeast then blending them together and leaving them to mingle for a month. The result is a rich and powerful yet light and tart ale with hints of pineapple acidity, low bitterness, and a real juiciness that really sets it off. Marmalade on Rye - 9% Double IPA  That's right, it's back! Marmalade on Rye is a beer we always look forward to brewing because we all love drinking it. This is one seriously big, jammy beer packed with the freshest seasonal oranges and ginger. We brewed the beer with some of the oranges then "dry hopped" it with even more oranges to give some really deep, intense flavours. Big tangy orange flavours blend well with the Amarillo and Waimea hops to give a beer that's at once sweet and bitter. The rye doesn't sit quietly in the background however, giving a wonderful spicy hit that mixes just right. A Face With No Name - 6% Ambiguous Amber  The "bastard child of Tempest" is back to confuse beer drinkers everywhere once more with it's ambiguous beer style. And no, that isn't a printing error on the label where it reads "Insert Style Here", when we were making the labels we couldn't agree on what the style was and decided to keep that mystery on the label! It was brewed to be in some unknown land between American Amber and Red IPA, so the flavours of both harmonise together in a wonderful way. Big toasty malt blends with spicy, resiny hops to give a beer packed with biscuity, caramel notes contrasted against pine and citrus. Upcoming Beers: There are also a number of other beers yet to be released including...

  • Old Parochial - We're still making sure this is just right in bottle, as it's being bottle conditioned. Based on a taste test the other day however, it shouldn't be too long before this is in stock! If you were lucky enough to get some at The Hanging Bat, then let us know what you think of it.
  • Christmas is Cancelled - Stay tuned this week on our Twitter and Facebook to find out more about the story behind the name of our hoppy cask ale released to bars around the country in the next couple weeks!
  • Saison Cider - Our Thistly Cross Collab is almost ready to be unleashed, we've still a few things to sort out before we bottle it but it is going to taste real good.

New Merchandise It's like Christmas came early at the brewery the last couple weeks with all these new goodies arriving. We've all been staking our claim on what we want, because we know that they'll probably go fast! Gift Packs Our brand new gift boxes look fantastic; they feature the logo on the front, our story on the side, and some cool artwork on the back. They fit 3 bottles and a glass, and can fit a t shirt too if you want! Pop a box, 3 beers, and a glass of your choice in your cart onthe online shop and we can make you up a custom pack. However we also have the following packs all packed and ready to go...  Light and Easy  For the laid back lover of light ales in your life. This pack includes Easy Livin Pils, The Pale Armadillo, Long White Cloud, and one of our new Craft Master glasses to pour them into. Perfect for someone who either loves light beers, or maybe as an introduction pack to someone who wants to get into their beer a bit more! Big Hitters  For the braver beer drinker among us. This pack includes our big ABV IPAs Marmalade on Rye, Brave New World, and In The Dark We Live, as well as a Craft Master glass. With a bit of everything, it's the right way to go if you know someone with a penchant for big IPAs...just make sure they don't drink them all at once! Limited Edition  A pack for the craft beer connoisseur. We've packaged up some of our favourites from the year including Double Shuck, Harvest IPA, and Saison du Pommes, all with a Craft Master glass in the back. Each beer has different, complex flavours to explore so whichever craft beer lover gets this will be like a kid in a sweet shop unravelling each beer. Barware We've also been busy with getting our barware in shape. With two new glasses and a major restock of our classic pint glasses, you'll be able to order your beer and drink it in style. Our newest additions are our Craft Master glasses and Stemmed Pint glasses from the good people at Rastal, designed with beer in mind.  We've also got in brand new stainless steel growlers, a first for us! We spent a good amount of time searching for the perfect growler for our beer, and this came up tops.  Clothing When we seen our t shirt pile dwindling and that we only had a couple XXL hoodies left, we realised it was time to shake things up a bit and get some new clothing in. We've got four new t shirts and two new hoodies, and we've already started wearing them out and about!      For t shirts, we've got...

  • Black Staff T shirt in Men's and Women's sizes
  • Harvest IPA T shirt
  • Longer White Cloud T Shirt
  • Brave New World IPA T shirt in Men's and Women's sizes

And as for hoodies...   Available in grey or blue, they have our logo on the back and an embroidered logo on the front left breast. And they are without a doubt the cosiest thing to ever exist. PHEW. That seems to be everything! Make sure to check out the store and get your orders in before December 21st for guaranteed Christmas delivery! You can now pick up your order direct from the brewery, and we have a reduced shipping option for merchandise and gift boxes only. But whatever the case, make sure you get some awesome beer for Christmas, and don't forget to visit your local bottle shop to check out what they've got going on also!


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