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Trimontium- Behind the Beer

Trimontium- Behind the Beer

09 Nov 2018

As we launch the 2nd installation of our three-part Trimontium series, we wanted to provide a little background into the beer and its origins, design and brewing process.

Trimontium- Behind the Beer

As we launch the 2nd installation of our three-part Trimontium series, we wanted to provide a little background into the beer and its origins, design and brewing process. Trimontium is the furthest Northern Ancient Roman fort in existence and is located a stone’s throw away from our brewery.  Latin for “the place of three hills,” Trimontium was a fort constructed in 79AD located in what is now known as the Eildon Hills, sitting over the River Tweed. We chose to honour the history of our local area with a three-part series dedicated to each of the three Eildon Hills. Each beer has a variation of the same label designed by Catriona Logan, featuring the aerial view of the Eildon Hills including the Trimontium fort site.    We’ve made hundreds of batches of IPA, each one has been a thought process as to where the sweet spot of dry hopping is and how we find the balance in the beer with extreme use of ingredients. Where is the hop saturation point? When does the process of dumping bags of hop resin into beer become too much? When the drinkability is destroyed, and it becomes like licking the bitter sap resins from a tree? Where the beer becomes overly expensive and the drinking experience regressive? Where is the saturation point when more actually becomes less? For the first edition of Trimontium IPA we found our answers. The beer was hopped at the start, middle and end of fermentation; then double dry hopped after dropping in temperature to 17 degrees. This created massive aroma but also contributed significant perceived bitterness due to the sheer volume of bitter hop oils added during this hopping regime – ultimately to the point where we felt the beer was thrown out of balance and the resins affected the drinkability in the beer, making it fairly unpleasant. We were able to remove these before package by running the beer through our separator very slowly. It was amazing to taste what was coming out, pure hop resin bitterness. Our first instalment acted as a learning process, and as a result we truly feel that with our second version Trimontium we have reached the sweet spot in hop saturation in order to balance the bitter, malty, hoppy and acidic factors that combine to make an excellent beer. Whilst we continued to dry-hop abundantly, the brewing process was more refined to create an IPA with full body, balanced bitterness and fruit forward character. We have used a different blend of two New England yeast strains to produce a fruity ester profile to compliment the aggressive hops and provide a clean, light malt bill in order to let the hops shine. By using a combination of Citrus, Simcoe, El Dorado and Mosaic, we resulted in a mega juicy IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavour that is balanced and quaffable.  We hope that you have as much fun drinking it as we did brewing it, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and tag us in your social media posts!


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