Dios Mio! - Jalapeno IPA

South Island, NZ
Citrus, Balanced Bitterness, Building Heat

Ay ay ay!
Cold and refreshing yet hot and spicy all at once, Dios Mio is made with Jalapeno peppers, lime juice, and dry hopped with Motueka for a really unique flavour bomb. 

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Ay ay ay!

Seems the guys have taken a shine to showcasing the flavours in different chilli peppers; this time we've went with Jalapeno peppers to create a really unique jalapeno IPA. Everyone at the brewery has had a chilli IPA at some time or another, so we came together and thought about what we liked and didn't like and what we could brew that would be our perfect version of that type of beer. We used a LOT of jalapenos in the brew, and added lime juice to complement the fruitier flavours of the pepper, as well as a generous dry hopping with Motueka. 

On first sip it's refreshing with a good balanced bitterness like any of our IPAs, with a tang of lime and hint of tropical, citrus notes from the dry hopping. At first, you'll reckon it has quite a subtle little spiciness to it in the finish, however the more you drink the more that heat builds and you get a really powerful but pleasant jalapeno kick. It somehow manages to be cold and refreshing, and hot and spicy all at once.

We're planning on making this be part of our "Holy Trinity" of chilli inspired beers...so watch out for the third!


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