Discovery Pack

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Come with us on a voyage of discovery. Along the way you'll experience beers unlike anything you've tasted before, from the sublime to the ridiculously sublime.

1 x Double Helix (8.5% Double Rye IPA)

1 x Brave New World (7% West Coast IPA)

1 x Pale Armadillo (3.8% Session IPA)

1 x Mexicake (11% Spiced Imperial Stout)

1 x Rum Barrel Mexicake (12.4% Barrel Aged Spiced Imperial Stout) 

1 x Modern Helles (4.1% Lager)

1 x Long White Cloud (5.4% NZ Extra Pale)

1 x The Old Parochial (13% Barrel-aged Scotch Ale)

1 x Vermont Sessions (4.6% New England IPA)

1 x Chai Cutter (5.0% Stout)

1 x Kesennuma Stout (10.8% Japanese Imperial Stout)

1 x Glen Noble (13.4% Speyside Barrel Aged 160/- shilling ale

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