Working at Tempest is more than just a 9 to 5 job; we’re more like a family, and we all love what we do. We might all come from different backgrounds and different experiences, but we’re united by how much we love good beer, and the brewery we’re building together.
Every person who joins Team Tempest is part of a group of people that have amazing banter, bundles of talent, and massive amounts of respect for each other. We work hard every day to make sure what’s in your hand is the best possible beer it could be in every way.

But enough about that, let’s meet the people behind all that good beer! 





The Captain of the good ship Tempest, Gavin leads the way in ensuring our beers are creative, high-quality, and fresh.

After trying some new beers in British Colombia working as a chef, he quickly realised his love of well-made craft beer and wanted to know more. After a round-the-world trip that took him to New Zealand and back home to Scotland, he founded Tempest in 2010 and the rest is history.

He's the driving force behind our creative brew team, and passionately gets involved in all areas of the business.




If Gavin is the King of Tempest, then Annika is clearly the Queen ruling over the business half of the brewery.

Formerly the co-owner at The Cobbles, these days she is our "Wearer of Many Hats" and is mainly found speedily and constantly replying to emails in her never-depleting inbox, or making sure everything from export to distribution to our team is looked after...phew!

Many early mornings at the office means she's especially partial to a coffee...or five. She's also a brilliant netball player!







Our resident break-dancer, and master of the keepy-uppy, Dougy is one of our three brewers at Tempest, ocassional t-shirt mordel, and is a creative powerhouse when it comes to new beers

He completed his MSc in Brewing & Distilling as Heriot-Watt University before joining us at the brewery. He now plats a big role in new product development, and exploring new processes and methods that help us stay at the hop of our game.




One of the newest members of the team, Andy has fast become a very important part of the team at Tempest not only for delivering top banter, but also for ensuring that things run smoothly in the brewhouse alongside Gavin and Doug.









The Alligator Man himself, Rowan joined us in 2016 to learn the ropes and become a fully fledged brewer in his own right.

He's an invaluable asset to the brewing team, helping with every part of the process from brewing to packaging, and is a master on our bottling line. And as you can see from his team photo, he's also an undiscovered modelling talent.

He's also a pretty mean cricket player...so don't mess with us!




From helping on the bottling line to make sure things run smoothly, to washing all the kegs that come back to us, David plays an important role in the brewery that allows the brewers more time to keep coming up with new beers.

If you're a local to us, you might recognise him from when he used to work at The Cobbles! Or you may have met him pouring beers at one of our events around Scotland.

He's our Borders local and seems to know almost everyone around here!







Our favourite Canuck! Brennan came to us one day looking to buy some beer, and left with a job after bailing us out helping on our bottling line in 2015.

He's the master of the warehouse; making sure everything's in order, and that all our pallets are stacked, wrapped, and ready to head out the door.

Loves him some Japandroids, and is maybe the most positive, happy person you'll ever meet




Drayman might be his official title but Greg's a man of many talents! He's a deft hand in DIY and has built us everything from our current event bar, to the supports for our barrels, to benches for Oktoberfest!

When he is actually out in the van, he's making sure our beer gets to the right place at the right time, allowing all you lovely people around Scotland to drink our beer as fresh as possible.

Permanently happy and chatty, and overall swell dude...although he's a bit of a klepto with pens, and he does spook easily...BOO!








Another shiny new addition to the team...although you'd think he'd been with us for years with how quickly he's made himself a part of the Tempest family!

Andrew heads up our Sales efforts, so he's always meeting distributors, calling supermarket buyers, coming up with sales strategies, out on the ground chatting to bar managers...he's a real busy bee!

He seems to have a never-ending supply of enthusiasm and energy, and is always excited to try new beers and visit new bars.




Our man on the ground, Wes spends his time travelling around to bars and bottle shops up and down the UK making sure we're well represented and that our pals are well looked after.

With 10 years experience working in the hospitality scene in Edinburgh under his belt, he knows all the best places to get a beer which makes him a perfect fit for our team.

He's likely made up of 75% Flat Whites, 25% Gregg's cheesy bean bakes, and loves talking about cheese.





For many years, Kate has been the "Voice of Tempest" whenever you call up the brewery looking for some lovely beer. But she's not just a pretty voice, she also heads up logistics making sure all our beer gets from point A to B as fresh as possible.

She's mainly found playing beer Tetris in the warehouse, juggling export orders to be built, and coordinating with Ayesha on sales support.

Can't function without coffee, has a revolving office door, and often moonlights as our tech support.




She might be the youngest member of our team, but she's also the fiercest! Ayesha is a machine when it comes to being organised, which proves incredibly useful when supporting the Sales team here at the brewery.

She handles the sales admin side of things, which includes everything from sales calls, to forms, to keg badges, to keeping our customers informed about new products.

We're convinced she's made almost entirely of pretzels, and she always seems to have a never-ending supply of sweets!





The digital voice of Tempest, Shannon manages everything from our product photography, to social media, to this very website (hello!).

If you're not chatting away to her on Twitter, she's usually found lying on the warehouse floor to get a good shot, geeking out over Google Analytics, or running around Glasgow saying hello to our wonderful friends in the West.

Things not to ask her about unless you want an hours long rant: Star Wars, RuPaul's Drag Race, Fonts.




Hands down the most presistent job applicant we've ever had, Steve has been a keen Tempest evangelist for quite some time!

He is the Gatekeep of the Brewery Shop, Dispatcher of Web Orders, and Retail Master, alongside many other things. He has a wealth of knowledge in his head having spent many years in the beer and brewing industry.

You'll find him manning the fort in the shop, and if you have any questions just ask...he's like a beer encyclopedia!






Our bookkeeping, bank balancing, onsite accounts man of extrordinary patience and precision.

Steven is an accounting wizard, ensuring all those numbers and figures are magicked into making sense. He's our tock when it comes to figuring out where we are in the world of numbers.

A banter legend and BIG pie lover...don't touch his pies though, it's not worth it.


















We are a Living Wage Employer

Just one of the many great things about our team!


Join Team Tempest

We’re always growing and working on exciting new projects, which inevitably means needing to recruit some talent to join us on our journey. If you fancy working with us rather than for us, then check out our openings below:



If you’re going to join us, then you need to…

- Love good beer (or at least be able to appreciate good beer!)
- Enjoy either electronic, country, or 90’s boyband music (or if you don't, have some sweet dance moves to make up for it)
- Be a willing t-shirt model when required