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We're always on the look out for new adventures, and new people to bring our story to the world.

We work with a network of distributors and importers across the UK and around the world to bring our fresh, creative beers to drinkers everywhere.




In the United Kingdom, we offer a range of products including bottles, kegs, and casks, and can distribute further afield in E-Cask and E-Kegs, or one-way Dolium 30 Litre Kegs.

Beautiful Beers - UK Wide & Overseas - Bottles/Kegs

Beer Paradise - UK Wide - Bottles/Kegs/E-Casks

Blackjack Beers Ltd - UK Wide - Bottles/Kegs/E-Casks

Mother Kelly's Distribution - Barley Pop - Bottles/Kegs

Pig Ears Beer Ltd - South/South-East England - Bottles/Kegs/E-Casks

Pivovar - North East England - E-Casks

Small Beer Ltd - East England - E-Casks


Our beers are also available to order UK Wide on EeBria Trade. Click Here to view what we have available.

You can find a list of our bars and bottle shop stockists here.



Internationally, we have the capability to export in one-way kegs and bottles. 

Our current international distributors are...

If you are an international importer or distributor interested in our beer and story, please get in touch with Annika 

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our beers in the UK or abroad, we’d love to hear from you.

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