Since 2010, we’ve been brewing our bold, fresh beers, learning about the beer industry, and exploring new styles and ingredients along the way. But our story didn’t begin in 2010, in fact it began back in the 90’s when our founders met, and started a round-the-world adventure that’s still ongoing in the Scottish Borders.

Late 1990’s – Whistler, British Colombia

Discovering New Worlds

You wouldn’t believe it now given how good he is at brewing, but back in the 90’s our founder, Gavin, was actually a trained chef having found a talent for it after university where he studied engineering…our captain’s a man of many talents!
He decided to do a bit of travelling and found himself the chef for a brewpub in British Colombia, Canada, around the same time our other founder, Annika, travelled there from her home in New Zealand to work Front of House. They met, and got along great, and you know where it ends up from there.

While he was there, Gavin tried some of the beers from the brewpub, and whilst they weren’t by any means “out there” by today’s standards, they were still miles apart from the beer available to him back home in Scotland. And, he thought, there wasn’t any reason why there couldn’t be beer like that back home; this lit the spark that started Gavin’s journey to learning more about beer and brewing.



Early 2000’s – Christchurch, New Zealand

Learning the Ropes

After packing up and moving half way around the world to Annika’s homeland, Gavin started doing everything he could to learn about brewing. Back in the early 2000’s, the craft beer boom hadn’t happened so resources and equipment for homebrewing were scarce. Lots of learning was done from big books and trial and error, he even studied at the University of Ballarat to enhance what he’d been learning.

Eventually, they cobbled together a brew kit in their garage and got to work. It was on that kit that Gavin first brewed Long White Cloud taking inspiration from the fresh hops of the region they were in. Tasting that final beer and how good it was, was what made Gavin determined to head back home to Scotland and open a brewery there.



2007 – Kelso, Scotland

Opening The Cobbles

Upon arriving back in Scotland, Gavin and Annika set to work finding the perfect place for their new brewery. But fate works in funny ways, and led them to finding a rundown pub in Kelso in the Scottish Borders called The Cobbles. It had heaps of potential, and after a lot of time and effort spent restoring it and fixing it up, they opened it up to the public. With Gavin as Head Chef creating amazing food and Annika running Front of House like clockwork, it’s no surprise it fast became a local, award-winning favourite.



2010 – Kelso, Scotland

Time for Tempest Brewing Co

But it wasn’t long before Gavin wanted to get back to the reason they moved back to Scotland; he wanted to get started on his brewery. They found an old dairy shed near the pub, threw together an 800L brewing kit, and Tempest Brewing Co was founded.

Gavin then started splitting his time between the kitchen at The Cobbles, and his brew kit in the dairy shed, creating beers that reflected his passion for quality and talent for flavour. He started filling and labelling bottles by hand, stamping the names on each label individually, and getting them into the hands of locals.

If you’ve tried our beers, then you know how good they are, and it wasn’t long before the demand for the beer was too much to cope with in such a small space. Even with a couple extra staff, Gavin working full time in the brewery, and a makeshift upgrade to 16HL, we knew it was time for a pretty big change.



2015 – Tweedbank, Scotland

Big Tanks & Bottling Lines

In 2015, we officially moved to our current home in Tweedbank Industrial Estate. We invested a lot of money to get things going, buying brand new equipment for our 30HL brewhouse which included a semi-automated bottling line. We got a new logo, some new labels, and couple extra staff, and things just sky-rocketed from there. It seemed like we still couldn’t produce enough beer!

Today, we’re still making some of the same beers Gavin’s been brewing since his days in New Zealand, and every one of our team is passionate about good quality craft beer. What started in a brewpub in Canada, has grown into one of the best craft breweries in the UK...and that’s not just our opinion! We've won a bunch of awards and accolades over the years for our beers, including Scottish Brewery of the Year 2016, and being named in RateBeer's Top 100 Best Breweries in the World.



Find our more about our brewery and our team as it is today here:

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