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The brew team are wildly creative with the beers they want to make, our limited edition range allows them to unleash this and create a number of small batch brews only available for a short period of time. Unusual ingredients, uncommon styles, and complex brews are rife here!

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  • Prospero & Sycorax

    In collaboration with Dead End Brew Machine 

    A juicy lychee and apricot pale ale that has loads of fresh fruit character, balanced with fruit forward hop and yeast selections to create an all round refreshing beer going into summer!

    Apricot and lychee work together nicely giving stone fruit and floral notes, providing light sweetness with a slightly tart finish. London III with its stone fruit ester profile enhances the fruit character for great balance. Azacca, El Dorado and Citra give big tropical flavour to compliment the apricot and lychee.

    The perfect summer smasher.

    Behind The Name:

    "In The Tempest, Shakespeare presents two powerful sorcerers, Prospero and Sycorax, who have both controlled the island. Initially it appears that the two characters are a contrasting pair: the benevolent Prospero and the rapacious Sycorax. However, upon closer analysis, the differences between the two characters disappear and the similarities grow."

    In reference to the play, we have reimagined the two opposing sorcerers with intrinsic similarities in two different ways: in the two brewers in this collaboration with differing brewing processes, and in the lychee and apricot: two totally different fruits that work together when blended.

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  • Green Palms IPA

    Made in collaboration with our friends at Nova Runda brewery. Nova Runda make great IPA - in fact they’re hop crazy, so when it came to brewing a beer together it had to be all about hops, hops, hops. Having sourced some of the best hops we could get our hands on, we spent an afternoon dry hop trialling and rubbing up varieties until we felt we had a killer combination. The resinous oils left on our hands at the end of the day gave way to the name “Green Palms” - the sign of a truly great hop! We’ve used extra pale malt and some rye to add complexity and balance to this hop forward IPA. Expect massive resinous and tropical aromas from Idaho 7, complimented by a rounded stone fruit character and some herbal notes from El Dorado and Nugget. Learn More
  • Effervescence Brut IPA

    Emanating from San Francisco, the Brut IPA is a dry take on the style, and the antithesis to the sweet and murky NEIPA. Low in residual sugar and bitterness while light in body and colour with a sparkling bright effervescence. We’ve added 15% rye malt for texture, and heavily dry-hopped with Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, and Ella allowing the hops to shine in a unique way.

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  • Berry & The Bretts

    Get ready for something weird and wonderful! Brewed using 100% brettanomyces fermentation, we bring you a wild fruit beer jam packed with cherries, raspberries and blackberries. Expect light funky aroma and intense fruit sweetness with a zesty edge and a tart finish!

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  • Trimontium: Saturation IPA

    Trimontium is our latest riff on the IPA style, we call it a Saturation IPA. We wanted to take a reasonable strength IPA and pack it with as many hops as we could till we reached that sweet spot of saturation where the beer is deliciously hoppy but still incredibly balanced.
    Mashed with a high percentage of wheat and oats for mouthfeel, then abundantly hopped throughout the process. This beer is fruit forward, mega juicy, and bursting with tropical fruit hop flavour. 

    On offer as short dated stock (BB 08/05/2019) still good to go.

    Brewers agree this is still in great condition but the beer was only given 6 months at point of packaging as opposed to our standard 12 months BB date.

    Artwork by Catriona Logan.

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  • The Old Fashioned

    An American original reimagined.

    Sit yourself down at the bar, and sip on our Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye DIPA aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. 

    The Old Fashioned is our spin on the cocktail classic. We’ve taken our orange and ginger infused rye and marmalade DIPA and barrel-aged it in kentucky bourbon casks. Rich and smooth with intense vanilla and spice, balanced with a twist of citrus fruit, ginger and refreshing hop bitterness.

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  • Old Parochial

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    Nostalgia and Celebration in a bottle. Raise a glass to the art of barrel ageing with this rich, complex imperial scotch ale aged in Speyside barrels. Smoke, stone fruit, and caramel blend together on the palate with a warming hum of whisky. 

    Artwork by Libby Walker.


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