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  • Bottle Opener

    Need something to open all that new beer with? We have the perfect thing!

    Check out our Tempest bar blade, emblazoned with our classic logo.

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  • Tempest Bottle Bag

    Ever been to a bottle shop and had too many bottles to carry? Sick of cheap plastic bags? We've been there too, so whilst we selfishly got these totes for ourselves, we went and ordered enough for everyone to join in too.

    Our tote bags are perfect for carrying around your latest beer haul, and showing off your favourite brewery (us, just incase that wasn't clear).

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  • Tempest Lanyard

    Carry a little bit of Tempest with you every day with our branded lanyard! Produced by Willis Publicity Learn More
  • Beer Mats (pack of 10)

    Having a party or collect beer mats? Or you just want a little bit of Tempest?

    Only £1 gets you a pack of 10 of our awesome beer mats. Grab a pack, and then you've got the perfect coaster for the beer you just had delivered!

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  • Beer Mats (pack of 100)

    Having more than just a couple people round and want a good way to make sure they don't ruin your tables? Or maybe you just want LOTS of our awesome beer mats, which we understand because they're pretty great.

    Here's a pack of 100 beer mats, all wrapped up for £4.95

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  • Tin Brewery Sign

    Shipped in directly from the US of A, we've had these awesome brewery signs made up.

    Called "Tackers" in the US, you'll have seen similar signs from American and Belgian breweries, but they're not as big a deal over here...yet!

    At 12" with a big bold Tempest logo, you can pin this up above your home bar, your garden, your bathroom, ...wherever you feel like really. We won't judge.

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  • Olly's Olives - Beer Snack

    It's time to treat your tastebuds to the new tantalising olive snack range - unpasteurised snack pouches of olives that have no artificial preservatives and ooze freshness and flavour. Available in three different flavours:

    • Lemon & Thyme
    • Garlic & Basil
    • Chilli & Rosemary

    100% Vegan friendly - if you choose the Vegan option for our gift packs and boxes you'll get some of these to tingle your tastebuds!

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  • "The Pocket Guide to Beer" - Joe Dick & Nikki Welch

    There’s a whole new world of beer out there to explore, but do you know your Pilsner from your Pale Ale? Tired of your usual tipple and in need of something different? The Pocket Guide to Beer will point your taste buds in new directions.

    This handy, fun and informative guide takes you on a journey using the BeerTubeMap, a unique flavour map that links beers by taste and style.

    Written by Nikki Welch and our good friend, Joe Dick. 

    (Psst - it also comes as part of our DIY Tasting Kit!)

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8 Item(s)

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