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Seasonality is hugely important to us, and our seasonal range reflects this. These beers are only brewed when the season is right for their ingredients or style to get the best flavour without compromising on quality.

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  • Drop Kick 0.5%

    A prototype, unpasteurised kettle sour based on our Drop Kick Me Jesus recipe reimagined and rebrewed to be 0.5% ABV.

    Expect up-front racing acidity with lingering hoppy flavours of tropical fruit and citrus.

    A craft brewed Low ABV beer that we all like to drink... Plus no more hangovers. Period.

    To maintain the freshest and best taste, store as cool as possible.

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  • Dios Mio! - Jalapeño IPA

    It must be getting close to Summer because our well-loved Jalapeño IPA is back!!

    A delicious, juicy IPA infused with fresh jalapeño chillies, lime juice & zest. Packed with Citra for fruit forward base, and dry hopped with fresh oven roasted jalapeños for a nice warming heat that's balanced with a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Cold and refreshing, and hot and spicy all at once.

    This is one of Team Tempest’s absolute favourite brews!

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  • Virgin Oak Barrel Mexicake

    Our incredible spiced imperial stout Mexicake, aged for 12 months in American virgin oak barrels.

    The intense smoky char from the barrel is balanced with sweet chocolate and cinnamon, with a hint of spice. Pair that with a smoothness and richness typical of barrel aged stouts, and you've got a deliciously decadent beer that demands your full attention when tasting.

    Limited to 4 per person.

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  • Drop Kick Me Jesus

    "Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life"

    A sour pale ale, dry hopped to hell and back with Citra, Mosaic and Eukanot.

    This is a juicy one with wonderful peachy, citrus, mandarin notes and tart finish.

    Finalist - Best Amplified Beer

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  • The Alligator Man

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    An experiment with a new yeast strain turns monstrous!

    The Alligator Man is the first beer to emerge from our experiments cultivating a Vermont yeast strain; a 9.2% Double IPA packed with Citra, Mosaic, and Rakau. Big and juicy, this is the kind of IPA this strain was made for. 

    Finalist - Best Amplified Beer

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  • Little White Cloud - Gooseberry Edition

    Fresh for the summer, now all we need is the sun!

    Meet the newest member of the White Cloud family. At just 2.8%, this version of Long White Cloud is perfectly sessionable for long lazy days in the rare Scottish sun. We’ve retained the best flavours of New Zealand hops just like its bigger sibling, and amplified those fruity gooseberry notes with some fresh Scottish gooseberries. Tart, fruity, and fresh on the palate, with a clean, refreshing finish.

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