Our Brewery


The Beginning

Our adventure began when our founders, Scotsman Gavin and New Zealander Annika, met working in a brewpub in British Columbia at the end of the 90’s. It was here they found their inspiration, with Gavin working as a chef and seeing the kind of beers being produced there that just didn’t exist back home in Scotland. As he says, it was his “wow, here we go” moment when he realised that he could be brewing beers that could be held to the same high standards as his food.

With that, their journey took them half way across the world to New Zealand where they built a kit in their garage, and learned everything from scratch. It was there in that garage that Gavin first brewed our flagship pale ale Long White Cloud, inspired by the fresh, bold hops of the region. With Gavin’s creative flair and sharp mind for flavour profiles, the beers were tasting great and that gave them the drive to go even further.


  Brave New Worlds

Another round the world trip, and they were back in Gavin’s homeland. They searched the length of the country to find the perfect home for their brewery, until they found a restaurant in Kelso with huge potential. A bit of a fixer upper, they poured their efforts into creating The Cobbles: a fantastic gastropub that fast gained a reputation for high quality food and a comfortable atmosphere. After three years in the kitchen, Gavin finally decided to just go ahead and start his brewery. He found a space in the old Kelso dairy, built an 800L kit,
and founded Tempest Brewing Co in April 2010.

He spent the majority of his time in the kitchen using his skills as a chef, and then whatever he could spare in his small brewery creating fresh, creative beers that reflected his passion for high quality beer. From there, we went from strength to strength brewing exciting, innovative beers, and people all over Scotland couldn’t get enough! Even after a makeshift expansion to 16HL we realised that we’d need a bit more space to keep up.




 In February 2015, we moved to a 30HL brewery in Tweedbank, in the Scottish Borders. We got a bottling line, new tanks, new team members, and it’s allowed us to continue doing what we do best on a larger scale.

Using fresh ingredients, a passionate team, and endless creativity, we continue to carry on the adventure that Gavin and Annika started.

We hope you’ll join us, as we explore brave new worlds and brave new beers. 




Our Vision

Bold, fresh, and relentlessly dedicated to quality.

A lot has changed over the years, but our vision has stayed the same. Keep it fresh, be innovative, respect the craft, and champion quality above all else.
We make beer that we’re proud of, and that we’d want to drink ourselves.

We brew our beer taking inspiration from our history as a brewery; from the hops we found in New Zealand, to our local produce in Scotland.
Tempest was born and forged from the passion, creativity, and drive that Gavin and Annika had for wanting to start a brewery. Their adventure from start to present is there in every bottle of beer we make. Every beer tells a story, whether it’s Long White Cloud being brewed for the first time in a garage in Christchuch,
to Unforgiven brewed as the answer to the question “what would a cowboy drink?”.

Join the adventure, and discover our world.


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