We want you to have the best possible experience with us as one of our VIP ticket holders, so to ensure everything goes smoothly we do have a few T&C's related to your package.

Table Reservations

A VIP package is for up to 8 persons. Guests will be allocated a VIP table in a roped off area in the Main Marquee. The table is yours for the entire day, from 12pm to 10pm. You will be given a different coloured VIP wristband on arrival to signify your status as a VIP ticket holder. Please ensure that all members of your group where this as only VIP ticket holders will be permitted in the VIP area i.e. VIP's cannot invite Standard Ticket holders into the VIP area.

Anyone in the VIP area without a VIP wristband will be asked to leave the area.

Table Service

During the day, we will have a dedicated member of staff assigned to look after the VIP ticket holders. They will introduce themselves to you when you arrive at your table, and if a new member of staff is assigned to look after you, they'll let you know. 

Please only ask for assistance with getting fresh beer from the assigned member of staff. i.e. do not ask another member of Springfest staff to replenish your beer. This is to ensure everything behind the bar runs smoothly.

Please respect the member of staff assigned to look after your table; we expect all our guests to be patient and polite when requesting service. If you are overtly rude, disruptive, or aggressive, you will be spoken to by a member of Festival Management, and in extreme cases may be asked to leave the festival.

Bar Tab

If you wish to start a bar tab, then we will require a valid credit card to be left with the member of staff assigned to the VIP area. At the end of the festival if you wish to split the cost, we can do this up to 8 ways across the total, but we cannot itemise the bill for you to pick and choose who pays for what beer.

If you fail to pay off your tab at the end of the night, we reserve the right to charge your credit card and / or contact your bank for payment. 

Jug Hire

As part of your table, you will have the £5 per jug deposit fee waived. However, these are not complementary, and we expect them to be left on the table at the end of the festival. If they are stolen, missing, or broken, we reserve the right to charge the deposit fee to your credit card.