Our Beer

Our Beer

The first thing you need to know about our brewery, is that we make beers that our team actually want to drink. We’re inspired by things you might expect like different hop regions, yeast strains, and malt varieties…and then what you might not expect, like making a beer that tastes like marmalade on toast, or like a Mexican chocolate cake, or a craft version of a snakebite and black.

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Core Range

The heart of our brewery is our core range, showcasing all different styles in the way we think they taste best. Try these for a proper introduction to Tempest.
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    The Pale Armadillo

    A hop heavy session beer for the everyday.

    All the flavour of an IPA, but without the high ABV. The Pale Armadillo is a full flavoured beer with orange citrus and tropical hop notes, packed into an easy drinking ABV with mellow malt and long dry hop finish. Transport yourself to the sunny West Coast of the USA, as you sip on a perfectly balanced combination of citrusy Amarillo, earthy Mosaic, and tropical Citra hops.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

    West Coast hops meets Scottish barley in our session IPA.

    Type: Pale Ale

    Taste: Orange Citrus, Tropical Fruit

    Hops: North American , Armarillo, North America

    ABV: 3.8%

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    Brave New World IPA

    Welcome to a Brave New World.

    If we could make just one IPA forever, this would be it. It was the first IPA we ever made, back in our days on a small cobbled together kit in an old dairy shed, and it’s been with us ever since. A lesson in classic American style India Pale Ale, we use all the big “C” hops North America is famous for alongside a strong, Scottish malt backbone, and fermented with our house yeast.

    This is everything we love in a good IPA; lots of pithy grapefruit and pine on the nose, followed by big bittersweetness balanced out with tropical fruit flavour and that classic pine-resin note, finished off with a long hit of pine bitterness.

    Pairs well with Cleaver & Keg Chorizo, or Soffle's Chilli & Garlic Pitta Chips



    Winner - Gold - Best IPA - Scottish Beer Awards 2016
    Winner - Silver - Best IPA - Scottish Beer Awards 2017

    Our ideal IPA with big pine, resin and citrus notes. A modern classic.

    Type: IPA

    Taste: Biscuit, Grapefruit, Tropical, Citrus-Pine

    Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Chinook, Citra

    ABV: 7%

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    In The Dark We Live BIPA

    A hybrid beer - IPA by attitude, porter by appearance. Very complex hop character compliments the rich and dark malts.

    Rated 99% on Ratebeer

    IPA by attitude, porter by appearance. Complex hops compliment rich malts.

    Type: Black IPA

    Taste: Toasted Malts, Soft Fruits, Bitter Chocolate, Citrus-Pine

    Hops: North American , Mosaic, Columbus, Simcoe

    ABV: 7.2%

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    Red Eye Flight

    Core Range – Amplified

    “A red-eye flight is any flight departing late at night and arriving early the next morning. The term derives from the fatigue symptom of having red eyes, which can be caused or aggravated by late-night travel.”

    Shake off and wake up with our powerful and rich mocha porter, Red Eye Flight. It starts with our rich and roasty blend of seven malts, before adding in high-quality organic cacao and finishing off with a cold-infusion of Three Hills Coffee’s Sumatran coffee beans, roasted exactly to our specification. Crack one open to unleash a waft of fresh ground coffee aroma, followed by a smooth mouthfeel, and creamy toffee, coffee acidity, and bitter cocoa nib flavour. 

    Artwork by Zuzana Gibb, Photography shot at Spitfire Coffee. 


    Winner - Gold - Best Porter
    Scottish Beer Awards 2016

    Amplified Range. Cold infused with locally roasted coffee beans for a rich porter with depth.

    Type: Porter

    Taste: Coffee, Chocolate, Toffee, Roasted Malts

    Hops: Columbus

    ABV: 7.4%

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    Long White Cloud

    The beer where it all began; born in New Zealand, brewed in Scotland.

    South Island hop terroir meets the finest Scottish malted barley in our 5.6% flagship Extra Pale Ale. We use a blend of our most favourite Kiwi hop varieties including fresh gooseberry like Nelson Sauvin, tropical Motueka, citrusy Waimea, and peachy Rakau. Set against the very best Golden Promise barley, the resulting beer is quintessential Tempest.

    Expect lots of tropical and stone fruit aroma upfront, chased by light malt, pineapple, and citrus flavour on the palate, and a refreshing tropical finish. 

    Pairs well with Cleaver & Keg Salami or Soffle's Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips.

    Our flagship pale ale with our favourite NZ hops.

    Type: Extra Pale Ale

    Taste: Light Malt, Citrus, Spice, Tropical Fruit

    Hops: South Island, NZ

    ABV: 5.6%

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    Marmalade On Rye DIPA

    Core Range – Amplified

    Ready for breakfast?
    You could make yourself a slice of rye bread toast and fresh marmalade, or you could save yourself the hassle and just open a bottle of our zesty bittersweet Marmalade on Rye.
    We’ve packed the malt bill of our Double IPA with rye and classic Golden Promise as the spicy, bready base for a smothering of fresh, seasonal marmalade oranges and root ginger. We not only add juice and zest during the boil, but also finish the beer off with an extra helping of orange zest to really amp up the flavour.
    What you’ll get is a powerful whiff of fresh orange before you tuck into a rich, sticky mouthfeel, with all those lovely bready rye notes, bittersweet and sticky orange, and zingy, sharp ginger. 

    Winner - Silver - Best Amplified Beer - Scottish Beer Awards 2017

    Amplified Range. Bold and jammy, made with seasonal oranges and spicy rye.

    Type: Double IPA

    Taste: Toasted, Tangy, Marmalade

    Hops: Armarillo, North America, Waimea

    ABV: 9%

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    Elemental Dark Ale

    The workers friend; a true take on a style that’ll fortify you and warm the cockles of your heart ready to take on the world.

    Our London style robust porter is a careful balancing act of seven malts to create a beer packed with complex depth of flavour. Roasted malt flavour mingles with dark cocoa nib and a smooth, velvety mouthfeel, finished with a hint of bitter chocolate and a lick of spicy hops. 

    Pairs well with Cleaver & Keg Elemental Biltong, or Soffle's Chilli & Garlic Pitta Chips.

    Classic roast character balanced with spicey hops in this classic Robust Porter.

    Type: Porter

    Taste: Malty, Smooth, Bitter

    Hops: British & New Zealand, Bramling Cross

    ABV: 5.1%

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    Core Range – Amplified

    Brewing an amazing imperial stout is a total piece of cake…

    When it came time to brew something big and dark, we had just one thing on our minds: cake. We wanted to brew a beer that tasted like a delicious, delectable chocolate cake…and then we decided, how about a Mexican chocolate cake?
    Imagine taking a rich, boozy imperial stout, and then infusing it with fresh vanilla beans, high-quality cocoa, Ceylon cinnamon, Chipotle chillies, and Mulato chillies. Blend that all together, and what you get is a complex and delicious beer with a rich, full mouthfeel, a touch of sweetness from the vanilla, ground spice aroma from the cinnamon, a touch of fruitiness from the Mulato, and a little heat and smoke in the finish from the Chipotle.

    If your mouth isn’t watering right now, then trust us, you need to try this beer.


    Amplified Range. Dessert inspired Imperial Stout infused with cocoa, vanilla, and chillies.

    Type: Imperial Stout

    Taste: Spice, Chocolate, Low Heat

    Hops: North American , Columbus

    ABV: 11.0%

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    Modern Helles

    Welcome to Helles…

    It takes real skill to make a great lager, and we’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our ideal, easy-drinking, flavoursome craft lager. Using as always the very finest Scottish malted barley from our friends at Simpsons Malt and citrusy Mandarina Bavaria hops, our take on a traditional Bavarian style session beer packs a punch.

    Refreshingly uncomplicated in style, we ferment it slow and cold to produce a medium bodied, bready lager perfect for any time. 

    Winner - Best Lager

    A refreshingly uncomplicated Bavarian style session beer. Classic yeast flavour with tangerine hop notes.

    Type: Lager

    Taste: Bready, Citrus, Crisp Malt

    Hops: Mandarina Bavaria

    ABV: 4.1%

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    Soma IPA

    “There is always Soma, Delicious Soma, the beer for a half-holiday, a beer for the weekend, two beers for a trip to the gorgeous east, three for a dark eternity on the moon…”

    Inspired by “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.

    A dangerously drinkable IPA, Soma is the perfect partner to Brave New World. Showcasing a different side to the style, we’ve used a blend of two of our favourite hop varieties, New Zealand’s Motueka and North America’s Mosaic. Refreshingly light and tropical, with a smack of citrus, it pairs effortlessly with a whole host of foods from BBQ and grilled meats, to crispy fried food and Indian cuisine.

    Take a sip and let it whisk you away… 

    "The beer formerly known as Bomber" is back and tasting better than ever! Winner of Best IPA at the Scottish Beer Awards 2017.

    Type: IPA

    Taste: Juicy Hops, Tropical, Resin

    Hops: Mosaic, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin

    ABV: 6.8%

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    Vermont Sessions

    The newest addition to our core range is here!

    Vermont Sessions has all the flavour of a big, juicy IPA but at a super sessionable ABV. We've taken our new favourite yeast strain - Vermont - and added some of our favourite hops - Simcoe and Mosaic. The result is a balanced and full bodied beer, with the yeast providing a juicy stone fruit ester profile to complement the dry hop flavours of tropical fruit, berry, and pine. Soft, delicious, and sessionable. 

    A balanced and full bodied Session IPA with a juicy fruit yeast character, and tropical dry hop flavour.

    Type: Session IPA

    Taste: Berries, Tropical, Citrus

    Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe

    ABV: 4.6%

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Seasonal Beer

Seasonality is hugely important to us, and our seasonal range reflects this. These beers are only brewed when the season is right for their ingredients or style to get the best flavour without compromising on quality.
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    Unforgiven Red Rye

    A beer for cowboys. Characterised by a spicy Rye and smoke taste of the wild, wild west. A stand-off of subtle beech and spice with a lick of hops. Rides home to a red ale finish.

    A beer for cowboys made with rye for a spicy, smokey red ale.

    Type: Smoky Red

    Taste: Malty, Spicey, Smokey, Smooth

    Hops: "Western", Waimea

    ABV: 5.4%

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    Mango Berliner

    Sunshine in a glass no matter the weather!

    Mango Berliner is the perfect summer beer. We brew it with a lager fermentation to give it that crisp, refreshing drinkability, but jam pack it with plenty fresh mango and dry hops to give it a super fruity, zingy punch. 

    So whether British Summertime results in taps aff or taps oan, you can always have a bit of Summer in your glass.

    Sunshine in a glass; zesty with gentle acidity and fresh mango.

    Type: Sour Beer

    Taste: Zesty, Tart, Gentle Acidity

    Hops: North American

    ABV: 4.2%

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    Drop Kick Me Jesus

    A tart, peachy sour pale ale dry hopped to hell and back with Amarillo. A great beer for sitting back in the sun, it's refreshing, with a tart finish and mandarin, citrus notes.

    Finalist - Best Amplified Beer

    A sour pale ale dry hopped to hell and back with Amarillo.

    Type: Sour Pale Ale

    Taste: Peach, Citrus, Mandarin, Tart Finish

    Hops: North American

    ABV: 5.2%

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    Dios Mio! - Jalapeno IPA

    Ay ay ay!

    It must be the start of Summer because Dios Mio is BACK. One of our favourite seasonal brews, we load a dry-hopped IPA with zingy lime juice and fresh Jalapenos.

    On first sip it's refreshing with a good balanced bitterness like any of our IPAs, with a tang of lime and hint of tropical, citrus notes from the dry hopping. At first, you'll reckon it has quite a subtle little spiciness to it in the finish, however the more you drink the more that heat builds and you get a really powerful but pleasant jalapeno kick. It somehow manages to be cold and refreshing, and hot and spicy all at once.

    It's also part of our Holy Trinity series of beers that includes Ancho Dark Lager and Mexicake, click here for the Holy Trinity pack!

    Cold and refreshing, yet hot and spicy, this seasonal IPA is brewed with zingy lime juice and fresh Jalapenos.

    Type: IPA

    Taste: Citrus, Balanced Bitterness, Building Heat

    Hops: South Island, NZ

    ABV: 6.0%

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    Ancho Dark Lager

    Forget what you think about lager and get to know Ancho Dark Lager.

    A seasonal favourite with our team, this dark take on a classic is a cold fermented lager made with a blend of dark malts, and an infusion of mild and flavourful Ancho chillies.

    The lager fermentation gives it that clean drinkability that everyone loves in a lager, but with the roasted, chocolate notes you’d expect from dark malt. The Ancho chillies really take this from a good dark lager to a great one, imparting a fruitiness on the nose, a rich fruit note on the palate, and a subtle spice in the finish. This isn’t your average lager…

    Made with dark malt and showcasing the Ancho chilli, this cold-fermented dark lager is full of chocolate and spice notes.

    Type: Dark Lager

    Taste: Chocolate, Spice, Refreshing

    Hops: Czech

    ABV: 5.1%

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Limited Edition Beer

The brew team are wildly creative with the beers they want to make, our limited edition range allows them to unleash this and create a number of small batch brews only available for a short period of time. Unusual ingredients, uncommon styles, and complex brews are rife here!
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    Old Parochial

    Nostalgia and Celebration in a bottle. Raise a glass to the art of barrel aging with this rich, complex imperial scotch ale aged in Craigellachie barrels. Smoke, stone fruit, and caramel blend together on the palate with a warming hum of whisky. 

    Artwork by Libby Walker.


    The special return of our Imperial Scotch Ale aged in ex-bourbon casks.

    Type: Scotch Ale

    Taste: Smoke, Stone Fruit, Caramel

    Hops: Waimea

    ABV: 10%

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    The Old Fashioned

    An American original reimagined.

    Sit yourself down at the bar, and sip on our rye imperial pale ale aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. 

    The Old Fashioned takes our well-loved orange and ginger double IPA, and infuses it with the smooth, warming, vanilla character of Heaven Hill’s famous Kentucky straight bourbon. Sweet and rich on the nose, you’ll likely be surprised at just how reminiscent of its namesake it is. The vanilla and oak from the barrel brings out the sweeter notes in the orange and ginger on the palate, but the hops give that distinct bitterness you’d expect in the cocktail itself and a lasting warmth in the finish. It has also been conditioned in bottle, allowing it to develop a rich, smooth texture that goes down a treat.

    This has a pale ale base with lots of hops and citrus fruits; you want to taste the freshness. It is not for extended maturation. Despite its bottle conditioning, it will not benefit from extended aging, as we have matured it in barrels already

    An American original re-imagined. Bourbon barrel aged Rye Imperial Pale Ale infused with orange, ginger, and hop bitters.

    Type: Rye Imperial Pale

    Taste: Vanilla, Spice, Citrus

    Hops: North American

    ABV: 9.2%

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    Bourbon Barrel Mexicake

    Whispers and rumours have been abound over the latest iteration of our beloved Mexicake...

    This time, we've stuck to classic Bourbon barrels...and also an additional yet-to-be-announced second, complementary barrel type.

    Bourbon Barrel bring exactly what you'd expect; a little bit of whiskey on the nose and warmth on the finish, and enhances some of the best flavours in Mexicake. On the nose, you get an intense vanilla aroma, the slight spiciness of bourbon highlights the Ceylon cinnamon, and a touch of toasted oak. On the palate, you get much of the same with a super smooth mouthfeel, and a bit of boozy warmth. Pay close attention, and you'll also get a bit of char and smokiness from the barrel aided by the infusion of Mulato chillies famous for their leathery, tobacco smokiness.  

    A beautifully decadent beer, it's in short supply and will not last long. 

    A beer worth waiting for. Aged in Bourbon barrels, this version of Mexicake is rich and smooth with toasted oak and vanilla flavour.

    Type: Imperial Stout

    Taste: Smooth, Vanilla, Toasted Oak

    Hops: Columbus

    ABV: 11.3%

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    Brandy Barrel Mexicake

    It's been talked about in hushed tones and whispers for a while now, but it's finally here.

    For the last 7 months, we've been barrel aging and bottle conditioning our incredibly well-loved Mexicake imperial stout. It's something a lot of people asked about, and something that to us made a lot of sense. However, we've aged in not one but two different barrel types; Bourbon, and Brandy.

    Brandy Barrel brings a different profile to Mexicake, showing the difference barrel type can make. On the nose, the oak character is a lot softer, with the brandy bringing out more fruitcake like flavours and a sweeter cinnamon aroma. The dried fruit sweetness of that fruitcake aroma is present on the palate too, highlighting spice notes like cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of vanilla. The brandy barrel flavour mingles well with the chocolate and spices added to Mexicake, and the bottle conditioning has given it a big velvety body. 

    A beautiful beer in its own right, it's incredibly limited so don't wait if you want to try it...

    A beer worth waiting for. Aged in Brandy barrels, this version of Mexicake is velvety with soft oak, fruitcake, and nutmeg spice flavour.

    Type: Imperial Stout

    Taste: Fruitcake, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

    Hops: Columbus

    ABV: 11.6%

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    All The Leaves Are Brown

    As we head into the heart of Autumn, the leaves keep falling and the weather gets colder, and we've created the perfect beer to counter the chill.

    Originally brewed for the Borefts Beer Festival, All The Leaves Are Brown is a seasonal Brown Ale brewed to imperial strength and laced with maple syrup. Pour it into a glass and you'll be treated to a wonderful aroma of caramel and treacle, and on first sip you'll get both mixed with a rich, malty sweetness, maple syrup and full, sticky mouthfeel. 

    Outside of Borefts, we poured this for the first time at our Oktoberfest, and after having people vote on their favourite, it was our Beer of the Festival! It's now in bottle, but extremely limited edition, so be quick if you want to get your hands on it. 

    Brewed for Borefts Beer Festival, this Imperial Brown Ale is laced with Maple Syrup for a rich, sticky, sweet beer perfect for Autumn.

    Type: Imperial Brown Ale

    Taste: Sweet, Sticky, Maple

    Hops: Noble

    ABV: 10.5%

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    Powder Day DIPA

    Grab a bottle and hit the slopes, it's time for another super fresh DIPA.

    Brewed on a snowy day in Scotland and released just in time for the Winter Olympics, Powder Day was brewed using lupulin powder, or cryo hops. This fairly recent way of processing hops gets rid of the chaff and leaves all the good stuff behind, resulting in a concentrated burst of aroma and flavour. And of course, we wanted to throw this into a big, juicy Double IPA, so if you're a fan of the style then you've got to try it.

    Expect big upfront tropical and stone fruit hop aroma, chased on the palate with a big mouthfeel, a huge amount of juciness, and intense tropical and citrus hop flavour. Round it off with a soft juicy bitterness in the finish and you've got yourself an awesome Double IPA.

    Brewed on a snowy day, this Double IPA is packed with massive hop intensity and flavour from the use of cryo hops.

    Type: Double IPA

    Taste: Juicy, Tropical, Citrus

    Hops: Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, Vic Secret

    ABV: 8.7%

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    Are Friends Electric? Electric Spirit Co Collab.

    You know I hate to ask, but are "friends" electric?

    Our definitely are - we invited James Porteous of Electric Spirit Co to come down to the brewery in April to brew a beer that would merge the worlds of gin and beer for the ultimate Summertime sip. Together we've brewed a 4.5% super refreshing Gose style beer infused with a long list of Botanicals including Kaffir lime leaf, lemon peel, Angelica root, bay leaf, and Himalayan pink salt. Refreshingly tart, super citrusy, with a hint of salt on the palate. 

    Refreshing gose infused with botanicals. Brewed in collaboration with Electric Spirit Co.

    Type: Gose

    Taste: Refreshing, Tart, Citrus

    Hops: North American

    ABV: 4.5%

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    Trimontium: Saturation IPA

    Putting it out there now, but this is the most amount of hops we've ever put in a beer...!

    Trimontium is our latest riff on the IPA style, we call it a Saturation IPA. We wanted to take a reasonable strength IPA and pack it with as many hops as we could till we reached that sweet spot of saturation where the beer is deliciously hoppy but still incredibly balanced.
    Mashed with a high percentage of wheat and oats for mouthfeel, then abundantly hopped throughout the process. This beer is fruit forward, mega juicy, and bursting with tropical fruit hop flavour. 

    Drink this one as fresh as possible to enjoy all those amazing passionfruit and guava flavours!

    Artwork by Catriona Logan.

    The most hops we've ever stuffed into one beer, meet our Saturation IPA.

    Type: IPA

    Taste: Juicy, Guava, Passionfruit

    Hops: Citra

    ABV: 6.5%

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