Saison Cider

Bramling Cross
Tart, Peppery, Fruity, Dry
Golden Promise
A throwback collaboration with a twist. This triple fermented saison is blended with Thistly Cross Cider’s sweet cider and 10% blackcurrants from Blairgowrie. Ruby red in colour, peppery and tart in flavour with a big blackcurrant notes, Saison Cider is the perfect mash up of our brewing methods and Thistly Cross’ award winning cider.

Please note that Saison Cider is past its Best Before End date of 16-Dec 2016. However, it has been opened and tasted by our brewers who have approved it for sale but at the much discounted price of £1.50 per bottle! Enjoy!

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A Tempest twist on a craft snakebite.

For the uninitiated, a Snakebite is simply when you mix equal parts cider and lager; in the United Kingdom, it's known as a “Snakebite and Black” after adding a dash of blackcurrant cordial. Two years ago in 2013, Gavin and Peter Stuart from Thistly Cross had the mad idea of producing the UK’s first “commercial” Snakebite and Black by combining our beer with their cider and a few bucket loads of blackcurrants.

When we rebooted it, we decided to do what we always do and put a bit of a spin on it. This time we used saison yeast and triple fermented it; first to brew and ferment the Saison, then adding and fermenting the sugars in the cider, and finally adding and fermenting out the blackcurrant puree. The resulting beer is as close to a sour as we’ve ever made; the triple fermentation gives it a real bone dry taste but packed to the brim with juicy, tart blackcurrants. The earthy tartness of the saison yeast is only enhanced and intensified by this fermentation process.

The perfect mash up of our creative brewing and Thistly Cross’ award winning cider.


Thanks to Zuzana Gibb or Kerdova Prints for yet another amazing label!

Brew Sheet

  • 7.4% ABV
  • Malt: Golden Promise
  • Hops: Brambling Cross
  • Yeast: Saison
  • Blended with Thistly Cross Cider's strong, sweet cider, and blackcurrants from Blairgowrie.


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