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Moving away from our core label range, to keep things fresh we have decided to indulge our creativity by releasing some limited edition beers with artisan labels. Zuzana Gibb, a fashion graduate born and brought up in the former Czechoslovakia (and good friend of ours),  has designed this line of labels for us. Zuzana, one of two founding Directors of Orwell and Goode, and Zerdova Print  is also based in the Scottish Borders. She creates beautiful, elegant yet quirky designs that fit well with Tempest’s ideology.

The first in a new series showcasing our favourite Belgian yeast strain and hops to shine with it, the Harvest IPA: Mosaic.  This is one of our favourite North American hops used as a blend in the Armadillo and our black IPA (rich in citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit, herbal and stone fruit notes). The purists may well wonder what on earth a Belgian IPA is supposed to be?? And we might wonder the same. However, this was a no brainer in terms of building a beer with a tonne of flavour, derived from a distinct yeast character and generous amount of dry hopping.
‘Juicy’ comes to mind when describing this beer. We allowed the beer to free rise in fermentation. This means rather than fermenting at a controlled temperature (usually around 20 degrees c), the yeast is allowed to go crazy, climbing up to around 30 degrees c  – the idea here being that a warmer fermentation produces much more of the fruit and spice esters that characterise a Saison yeast. It also helps to produce a dry finish in the beer (1.009) which ultimately brings a nice bit of balance to those big, juicy fruit flavours.
Mosaic works beautifully well in this beer; favoured this time for its heavily aromatic character but with a much more rounded fruit profile (think tropical, soft fruits, berry etc) than most big American hop varieties. As for the malt –  nice and light, a bit of oats and wheat for mouthfeel and head retention, but kept simple enough to let the hops and yeast do most of the talking. Dangerously drinkable at 6.7%…
Look out for the next in the Harvest IPA series.

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  1. andrea bertazzoni

    hello, I’m andrea, publican of la tana delle rane pub&restaurant in Reggio Emilia, i drink ed your beer in bottle, very good.so do you sell keg too in Italy? if yes , who is your dealer ?


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