We ARE Moving!

WE’re moving. It’s finally happening! 18 months of painful process that began in 2013 with our Italian brew-house supplier going bankrupt, the months of searching for suitable industrial space and finally with 6 months of legal process to secure our new lease agreement. The word ‘frustration’ is an understatement.

However we can finally confirm we’re moving to Tweedbank, a few hundred metres from the end of the line stop on the soon to be completed Edinburgh – Borders rail link. Our new home (large shed) will give us 10 times our current floor space and enable us to finally make our beer on a scale of production that can supply our thirsty customers.

Our current set-up has been through the mill over the last few years. We designed and built a lot of it ourselves, extended other vessels and fabricated on a shoestring to make a low cost facility with high production value and process control. We’ve imploded a few tanks, broken countless pumps, dissolved 8mm of concrete floor all brewing some damn fine beer in a ridiculously small space. We’ll be sad to leave our old home but not disappointed to wave goodbye to working and packaging beers in a shoebox.

Our spanking new steam fired brewhouse was ordered in March and although having an agreement in principle we have been in a very difficult position where up until a week or so ago as our lease agreement was still in legal process we faced having our kit arrive with nowhere to put it. It’s been unbelievably stressful and although behind schedule, thankfully we have secured a new home.

Our bottle packaging will also be transformed with an automated line which can fill, label and crown the same volume in one hour as we can currently package in a week. It will enable us to crank up production with a regular supply of fantastic core beers such as our Long White Cloud, Brave New World and Red Eye Flight, Old Parochial, ITDWL Black IPA, and core range of pale ales and Saisons in addition to a continual flow of new concept beers, blends, barrel-ageing and infusions. With the sloping floor and drainage currently being laid, we’re scheduled to have our new brew-kit fired up in November, with our new bottles on the shelves in time for Christmas. It’s been a long journey and we are nearly there.Sometimes it feels like we’ve just spent the last four years warming up.


New brewery flooringWhat this means? With massively increased fermentation and conditioning capacity, a mash system designed for heavy wort and some 64hl vessels scheduled for the new year we’re excited.
It also means an end to the dreaded shortfalls in our production. We have always wanted to remain in control of our beers, so getting other people to brew or package our products was never an option.
We have been running at 100% continually for two years, so having space to have our range of products permanently available will be a TRULY great feeling for all our staff and customers alike.
Panoramic New Brewery

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